bits per inch

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a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium

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in bytes, where N is the number of tracks across the tape, b is the linear recording density in bits per inch, L is the length of the tape (in inches) and [epsilon] is a formatting/ECC (error correction code) overhead efficiency factor (typically about 0.
The 146 billion bits per square inch of data were written with a linear density of 772,000 bits per inch along the concentric tracks packed at a density of 189,000 per radial inch.
The first tape drives implemented a 7-track recording format on an eight-inch diameter reel and had a linear recording density of 100 bits per inch and had a capacity of 1MB or the equivalent of 12,500 punched cards.
However, the operating parameters of the drive and media are superior to the old technology in transfer rates, tracks per inch, bits per inch, data density and spindle RPM, thereby creating a new APM standard.