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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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The proposed work with Mongodb and hadoop includes the access schema formed for the user query and performs bitmap indexing on the attribute from the set of attributes specified in the collections.
The original routing table should be constructed as a supernode tree based on the tree bitmap structure.
Bitmap Capture in StageWebView - content rendered in the StageWebView can now be captured as a bitmap
Each bitmap file contains a bitmap-file header, a bitmap-information header, a color table, and an array of bytes that defines the bitmap bits.
Key features include increased bitmapping capability from 8-Gb to 16-Gb coupled with faster filing and display times for topologically correct bitmaps and 72 data I/O pins and 72 address/clock pins testing at up to 400 Mb/s in the double data rate mode.
a creator and publisher of mobile entertainment, has announced a licensing agreement with UK developers The Bitmap Brothers.
They can create interactive content for fixed media and the Internet and incorporate photo-quality images, full-screen of long-form digital video, sounds, animation, 3-D models, text, hypertext, bitmaps and Macromedia Flash content.
Immediately thereafter, the filter driver creates a point-in-time view of the system volume and a bitmap describing the used sectors on this volume.
Images can also be permanently annotated with tools including highlights, text, bitmap stamps and redactions.
Users can scan the graph, then display the scanned bitmap within the software application and click the mouse on the selected point to retrieve appropriate data.
The output is divided into bitmap pictures and ASCII (American standard code for information interchange) text.
However, the BSI technique has the drawback that the size of the index changes depending on the last HC value in the bitmap.
The main difference between a vector image and a pixel based graphic like a bitmap or jpg is that a Vector graphic can be resized without the loss of resolution, whereas a pixel (bitmap) base graphic will not resize and render the same sharp quality of line and resolution on screen and in print.
Originally published as Macromedia Flash MX 2004 professional game development, the Flash 8 edition adds two chapters on bitmaps and a bitmap-based jungle adventure game.