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a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography

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The previous version of the XCP consists of three separate devices for taking anterior, posterior, and bitewing radiographs.
Use of bitewing radiographs or fiber-optic trans-illumination have been shown to be inefficient for the diagnosis of occlusal caries.
Periapical or bitewing radiographs are commonly used by dentists to observe the entire structure of the mouth, including a patient's teeth, roots, jaw and facial placement.
15) Adult patients of record should have posterior bitewing radiographs at 24- to 36-month intervals if no clinical caries has been detected.
Case 2: An intra-coronal radiolucency in the partially erupted lower right first permanent molar was noted on baseline bitewing radiographs of a six-year-old girl (Figure 2a).
Unfortunately, the devices can be confusing to assemble because each device consists of three pieces that can be assembled in multiple ways, and there are three types of such devices for anterior, posterior and bitewing radiographs (in addition to a fourth accessory device for taking endodontic radiographs).
An American Dental Association study found that the four most common procedures rendered in children's dentistry were periodic oral evaluation, bitewing radiographs, prophylaxis and fluoride treatments.