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a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography

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Due to the greater applicability of bitewing x-rays to evaluate interproximal surfaces, a new analysis was performed with just the interproximal surfaces (806 surfaces).
The effect of experience and training on the diagnosis of approximal coronal caries from bitewing radiographs.
The limitations of our study include the absence of bitewing radiography, which could not be performed for the detection of interproximal caries because approval from the ethics committee was not received, and the numbers of patients in the study and control groups decreased in follow-up visits because of the reasons mentioned above.
Comparison of Proximal Caries Detection in Primary Teeth between Laser Fluorescence and Bitewing Radiography: An in vivo Study.
Value of bitewing radiographs for detecting approximal caries in 6-year-old children in the Netherlands.
Caries experience was obtained from the DMFT of the patients, visually assessed using WHO criteria (13) and supplemented with bitewing radiographs.
Studies were made on dental radiographic films: bitewing and periapical, which contains a limited number of teeth, and imposes the need to take multiple images to construct the dental atlas of individual.
A retrospective study assessing annual bitewing radiographs of children (n=374), was conducted by Mejare et al.
9 times more likely than controls to have undergone bitewing X-rays on a yearly or more frequent basis.
They found that people who had meningiomas were twice as likely as those who did not have to ever have a bitewing X-ray.
They found that over a lifetime, brain tumour patients were twice as likely to have had a bitewing dental examination, in which X-ray film is held in place by a tab between the teeth.
Each child will receive bitewing X-rays and an exam by a dentist, who will determine if sealants are an appropriate preventive treatment.
A bitewing radiograph (BWX) radiograph is taken to view the crowns of the teeth only, allowing for detailed detection of early dental decay and to assess periodontal bone height.
The good news is that if you've had a check up, including bitewing X-rays, and completed any necessary treatment before your journey, you should be OK.
A woman receiving about seven bitewing dental X rays would be exposed to 0.