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a dental X-ray film that can be held in place by the teeth during radiography

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Bitewing radiographs were not taken routinely at the recall visits unless there was an indication for occlusal or proximal dentinal lesion.
Pitts NB, The bitewing examination as a preventive aid to the control of approximal caries.
It also offers a $15 copay for one bitewing x-ray every year.
Some examples include Benefits of Ultrasonics: Practical Application and Rationale for Hygienists and Dentists; An Update on Bitewing Radiography Technology; Pathways to Infection Prevention; and Narrow-Diameter Implants: A Minimally Invasive Solution for Overdenture Treatment.
Exposing yearly bitewing radiographs is common in many dental practices.
A retrospective study assessing annual bitewing radiographs of children (n=374), was conducted by Mejare et al.
9 times more likely than controls to have undergone bitewing X-rays on a yearly or more frequent basis.
They found that people who had meningiomas were twice as likely as those who did not have to ever have a bitewing X-ray.
They found that over a lifetime, brain tumour patients were twice as likely to have had a bitewing dental examination, in which X-ray film is held in place by a tab between the teeth.
Each child will receive bitewing X-rays and an exam by a dentist, who will determine if sealants are an appropriate preventive treatment.
A bitewing radiograph (BWX) radiograph is taken to view the crowns of the teeth only, allowing for detailed detection of early dental decay and to assess periodontal bone height.
The good news is that if you've had a check up, including bitewing X-rays, and completed any necessary treatment before your journey, you should be OK.
A woman receiving about seven bitewing dental X rays would be exposed to 0.
Other potential end-uses in this market are radioisotope shipping containers and bitewing shields used in taking dental X-rays.
Basic dental coverage includes one examination and one cleaning at no additional cost, and one set of bitewing X-rays covered at 50 percent of the cost.