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Synonyms for bite

Synonyms for bite

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

to feel or cause to feel a sensation of heat or discomfort

a small portion of food

a light meal


Synonyms for bite

a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person

a small amount of solid food

a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

a light informal meal

(angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait

wit having a sharp and caustic quality

a strong odor or taste property

the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws

a portion removed from the whole

to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws

cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

penetrate or cut, as with a knife

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deliver a sting to


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What you see at the surface of a bite wound is much like what you see of an iceberg above the surface.
This illustrates the importance of a thorough debridement and cleansing of bite wounds.
66%) felt that animal bite wound should be washed with soap and water.
Amy James, aged 14, suffered deep bite wounds on his wrists during an attack by a Staffordshire bull terrier and a pit bull-cross.
This finding suggested that cancerous cells were spreading directly from animal to animal, from bite wound to bite wound.
He also suffered a bite wound when a police dog was sent in to pull him out.
The diagnosis of a bite wound should be made based on the patient's immune status and history as well as the circumstances surrounding the bite.
One rib harbors a tooth fragment within an abnormal overgrowth of bone, indicating the bone healed after a bite wound.
Bacteria associated with infection at the site of a bite wound originate from the normal oral flora of the biting human or animal, where anaerobes outnumber aerobic bacteria in a ratio of 10:1.
amp;nbsp; She managed to get the dogs away from her daughter but sustained a deep bite wound to her right arm.
Careful examination of site of bite wound in neck region revealed air passage with sound of distress, especially during expiration.
Ms Randall told the court after being bitten on the lip, Mr Cullen was referred to a plastic surgeon at Swansea's Morriston Hospital who said the bite wound was "deep and extending into the muscle".
He has a bite wound on his back left paw, but otherwise he is OK," she said.
A spokesman said: "Officers found officers found a 31-year-old man with a bite wound to his lower left leg, a 35-year-old man with a bite wound to his right hand and a 33-year-old woman with a bite wound to her right leg.