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Synonyms for bite

Synonyms for bite

to seize, as food, with the teeth

to consume gradually, as by chemical reaction or friction

to feel or cause to feel a sensation of heat or discomfort

a small portion of food

a light meal


Synonyms for bite

a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person

a small amount of solid food

a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

a light informal meal

(angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait

wit having a sharp and caustic quality

a strong odor or taste property

the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws

a portion removed from the whole

to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws

cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

penetrate or cut, as with a knife

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deliver a sting to


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It must be possible to check the accuracy of the bite record in the mouth.
We reviewed animal bite records from sub-county health facilities and veterinary offices and administered a structured household questionnaire to determine outcomes, knowledge of rabies, bite management, healthcare-seeking behavior, and economic costs.
com)-- Renton, WA-based makers of the Implant Bite Post (IBP[TM]) are now recommending the use of softer, memory-perfect materials for dentists to use when recording bite records on Bite Posts.
For 20 years, the physician has pored over Tucson, Arizona, bite records and has found that about two out of three snake bites are what he calls "illegitimate," meaning, "You've seen the snake, you know the danger, you're still going to interact with it, and you get bitten.
The introduction of these latest Implant Bite Posts will provide dentists and technicians across the country with a seamless method to complete their implant bite records using the Nobel bite platform systems.