bite off

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bite off with a quick bite


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Sancho promised him with much earnestness to keep his mouth shut, and to bite off his tongue before he uttered a word that was not altogether to the purpose and well considered, and told him he might make his mind easy on that point, for it should never be discovered through him what they were.
A labourer who was detained after he hacked off four of his fingers with a kitchen knife tried to bite off his lips after cops released him.
The defendant earlier pleaded guilty to the charges and told prosecutors he did not bite off part of the 29-year-old victim's cheek on purpose.
RSPCA Chief inspector Byron Hall said two men in their 20s accepted a challenge to put a mouse in their mouth and bite off its tail.
That's a lot to bite off and that doesn't count the features we include about improving your district's Web site, how to build space for the growing pre-K movement, and the specific challenges that special education children face under NCLB.