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Pressganging Japanese ladies from a visiting crafts exhibition to demonstrate how three little maids from school should walk, bitchily gossiping, preening luvvies, and a rehearsal in which Gilbert fires off sarcastic putdowns are particularly memorable examples of the former, while Timothy Spall's scene-stealing camp prima donna, Corduner's splendidly hedonistic Sullivan and Broadbent's award-winning turn as the dour, stubborn and troubled Gilbert lead the field in the latter.
And her success in Cats and Phantom of the Opera was bitchily put down to being married to Andrew Lloyd Webber.
And being a mere roadie to this painterly boy-band, naturally Fred (Sam Crane) doesn't stand a cat in hell's chance"It takes more than pointy boots and your mother's scarf to make you a Pre-Raphaelite," Rossetti reminds him rather bitchily tonight.
If there was one thing destined to get Lancaster screaming blue murder this is it and she's bitchily hit back (through friends of course) saying that when companies change models it's not usually to an older one.
As enjoyable as it was to watching Swoosie Kurtz's Lily bitchily battling Cherry Jones' Mary McCarthy in ``Imaginary Friends'' or experiencing Jane Alexander as a Hellman stand-in in ``Rose and Walsh,'' Hellman's plays are treasures on their own merit.
Unlike these influences, however, there was something clinical, emotionally disengaged and bitchily adolescent about this performance that made it and Dalgleish herself easier to admire than to enjoy and empathise with.
There's a pair of gay friends recalling the first series' Team Guido - Oswald and Danny have a sort of bitchily elitist dynamic; Oswald grouses that the toughest part of the adventure will be flying coach: ``It's hard to drink 7-Up when you've drank champagne.
He is 24 years her junior and Michael once bitchily remarked: "We've finally got something in common, we're both dating 24 year olds.
This gave Kournikova the chance to guarantee loads more publicity by bitchily branding English rose Hurley "ugly".
Edwina Slaggy, John Selwyn Swott and Julian Bitchily are among the rogues' gallery of political caricatures personified by Harry Enfield in what promises to be a deliciously mischievous piece of TV satire on Sunday.
Another apparently insecure castaway is Gina, who protests too much when she insists she's happy with her life, while bitchily dissing the whoppingly pneumatic Toni (whose three attributes are her medically enhanced floating devices and her very hot, er, head) and expressing near bewilderment when a guy actually treats her decently.
I see other actresses over 40 getting parts because they lied about their age," she added bitchily.
Princess Diana bitchily tried to grab the limelight on Camilla Parker Bowles' 50th birthday yesterday.