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Dowling said: "I do believe this has been the bitchiest, nastiest and most backstabbing house we've ever had.
She added that "some of the bitchiest women I've ever met in my life are the men in politics".
Rounding on criticism of her exit from the Cabinet and performance as a minister, she said: "Some of the bitchiest women I've ever met in my life are the men in politics.
At the Liverpool Style Awards (best outdoor curlers etc) Britain's bitchiest unknown blogger Jaiden - a poorly dressed little bald man - tells Amanda: "You look like sh*t.
Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (Sky Living, 9pm) SO TELLY'S bitchiest, most glamourous, programme is back - and boy don't we know it.
It has offered up the most bizarre and offensive stage costumes, the least talented of so-called stars, the most inane commentating and the bitchiest, most biased voting in the history of the world.
It's the latest row to hit the girls who are fast becoming the bitchiest band in pop.
Get set for the bitchiest house ever, with everyone vying for her good side as she's the only one who will count on nomination day.
Her new long hair and bandana image hasn't been a big hit with sniffy fashion pundits, but not even the bitchiest would say it looked like rats' tails.
The book's subtitle is "The Complete Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Bitchiest Film Ever Made," and it lives admirably up to its name.
Bitchiest put-down came from some posh Kiwis going to Cardiff for the Wales v All Blacks game.
Called 'one of the bitchiest and most backstabbing people I've ever met' by Susan Ma, she was the tenth casualty and the fifth project manager to go.
THE bitchiest and most scheming collection of wannabes have to put down their back-stabbing blades for the week, and work together as they try to succeed in Sir Alan's latest exciting test.
SHE'S coming back to our TV screens as one of the bitchiest characters ever created.