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aggressive remarks and behavior like that of a spiteful malicious woman

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The multitude of stories, vignettes, and fragments comprising Lucy Corin's cunning, infectious collection reveal her fine-tuned ear for the trenchant humor at the heart of teenspeak, and American bitchery in general; these mordant, pitch-perfect apopularcalypses mock our manic inflation of the ordinary, how emotional minutiae run rampant in the hyperthyroid imagination of post-modern, post-religious, post-literate Apocalyptamerica.
Darcy's behavior toward Elizabeth is markedly friendlier at Netherfield, where his frank appreciation for her "'fine eyes,"' physical vigor, sisterly feeling, and lively wit contrasts with the snobbish, jealous bitchery of Miss Bingley.
Crazy eyebrows aside, she's smart, she's warm, she's as on-the-ball as a performing seal, and she came out of Aoiffe's bitchery looking like a lady.
It's an example of museum-quality bitchery, which is one of our charming gay characteristics, people claim.
Alleviating the often overly sincere and slow-paced ruminations on the chances for spiritual salvation in a world challenged by the unruly desires of the body, Dawes sums up the way a woman ruins a relationship between an older member of her church and a visiting American: "The church was too ashamed to admit that it had witnessed a remarkable piece of bitchery right before its very holy eyes.
Wonderful food is prepared in your kitchery - Visitors gather for gossip and bitchery - Always I know I'll feel restless and itchery - With the desire to return to the Witchery
But Sylvia's marriage is in no better shape; much gold-digging, double-crossing and bitchery ensue.
A night of drunken bitchery was again within my grasp and my joy was unconfined
His chapter on A Farewell to Arms seems richer than the one devoted to The Sun Also Rises, whose main project is the defense of Lady Brett Ashley from the charges of bitchery and nymphomania.
IHAVE never read such a pretentious load of bitchery in all my life as Paul Cole's review of Bon Jovi at Stoke-on-Trent.
Reading Hilton Als's old-timey bitchery [October 1999] was greatly rewarding.
Instead, it is in danger of degenerating into an orgy of back-biting and bitchery.
Telly's latest super soap is about to raise bitchery and intrigue to new levels.
Selected Bitchery from the Gilbert Sorrentino/Dalkey Archive Press Correspondence," 1: 11, 51-52, 118-119.
Margaret, meanwhile, should now consider what her bitchery and attention-seeking is doing to her two sons, Peter and Christopher, at this dreadful time.