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Synonyms for bit-by-bit

one thing at a time

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Bit-by-Bit founder and chief executive Tim Cling declined to say how his business was affected by Sept.
Bit-by-Bit, which is headquartered on Chad Drive, has about 100 employees in 11 offices throughout mostly western cities, including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.
While actual performance with other network processors may degrade as new policy features are introduced, the nP7120's highly flexible, software-configurable Policy Engine uniquely maintains network processor performance with embedded wire-rate support for longest prefix match, bit-by-bit wild-card operators, wide keys up to 512 bits, up to 128 different packet classification rules, and multiple results retrieved with a single clock-cycle look-up.
Anywhere from one to six CDs can be replicated one at a time with bit-by-bit accuracy.
Clear Channel ATM imuxing provides highly efficient use of bandwidth and minimal cell delay variation by transporting traffic bit-by-bit rather than cell-by-cell.