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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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In looking to bring the data warehouse into a harmonious relationship with the operational system, these indexes provide a compelling alternative to conventional B-tree indexes, hash indexes and bit maps.
These indexes provide a powerful alternative to conventional B-tree indexes, hash clusters and bit maps.
The table illustrates that B-Trees do not tolerate large keys; while hash indexes can suffer performance problems with low cardinality or clustered key distributions; and bit map indexes do not handle high cardinality keys well.
The 12-bit qVGA color display, which is capable of handling both bit map and text input shows images from compatible PDAs and PCs via Bluetooth short-range wireless specification.
1) Annex A and Annex C (Dual Bit Map Mode) rates of up to 12.
Our RTOS and compiler engineering teams applaud the enhancements, especially the reduced interrupt latency, MMU programmability and bit map manipulations.
CORDA has included Wireless Bit Map (WBMP) support to allow charts and graphs to be received by WAP enabled cell phones.
Centillium is the only field-proven chipset provider to offer both Fixed Bit Map (FBM) and Dual Bit Map (DBM) technologies to alleviate crosstalk problems.
DataBeam products allow their users to share computer bit map or raster information to interact with common documents, like spreadsheets, technical drawings, charts, graphs, reports, etc.
This latest release of QLA utilizes irregularly sampled data and bit map images for effective integration of core data into the analysis.
Unlike fax which delivers information as a non-editable bit map, or email which is memo-oriented and not designed for complex formats, Tel-A-Graph messages can be any form of information: a single digital photograph, a 100 page electronic catalog, a word-processing file, a CAD drawing, or a video.
However, active archiving is designed for relational data, while HSM is best suited for other types of data such as document files, bit maps, and video clips.
Such a strategy must be based upon an architecture that integrates all the text, image bit maps, profiles, and other compound document elements of corporate virtual files, into a document life cycle.
Combining with RealNetworks, ScreenWatch records, time stamps, compresses, and streams all screen activity showing display bit maps and cursor movements.
Orange will also deploy Orange-branded Action Engine utilities for device management that seamlessly allow users to wirelessly backup their data, destroy data if a device is lost or stolen, and download new software applications and upgrades, hot fixes, ring tones, bit maps and services.