bit by bit

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Synonyms for bit by bit

a little bit at a time

in a gradual manner

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Another element of the partnership will see Bit by Bit market the SecurityScorecard service to smaller businesses with the industry-specific solutions nationwide.
Bit by bit we have been taught by television to accept foul language, violence, constant confrontation, and disrespect.
We had built a global order without quite realizing it, bit by bit, era by era.
And bit by bit, the Almighty Creator has shown me how to unpeel the protective spines around the artichoke of my heart, the spines of taboos, rules and judgements.
Patrick Vanden Eynde's work incorporates time as well as space--a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit.
Bit by bit a portrait of Applewhite emerged as a man so tormented over his own homosexual drives that he had himself.
Even as curtailing abortion rights becomes a major campaign issue in the Republican primary, President Clinton has been signing away access to abortion bit by bit.