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a small informal restaurant

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As for the Bistro 8 recipe: It's blended with eight different flavors/aromas including apple, mango, apricot, cactus, lime, grapefruit, oak and spices.
Straight from the menu of the legendary Bistro and Bistro Garden restaurants in Beverly Hills, the souffle was the dessert of choice for the hungry and famous including Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Lemon, President and Mrs.
Our Inferno Curry is marinated with the hottest chilies in the world and is only for the bravest of the brave," said Kris Parikh, owner of Mint Indian Bistro.
The Island Bistro introduces its new Breakfast menu featuring Nespresso Bar to Brickell Key September 4, 2014.
Energy-saving bulbs have been installed at Bistro Jacques, in Hardman Street; Bistro Pierre, in the Cavern Quarter; and Bistro Franc, in Hanover Street.
Today, Home Bistro, the leading provider of chef-prepared frozen meals, based in Plattsburgh, New York, introduces a new line of diabetes-friendly meals.
Designated a Parisian-style bistro featuring French and American bistro classics, it claims to have an entree price range of $16 to $36 at dinner.
Our restaurant organization is looking forward to expanding the Le Petit Bistro concept in South Florida," according to Ramon Gonzalez, president of Florida Bistros.
AARON ROBINS HAS come to the San Fernando Valley, specifically Sherman Oaks, as the chef/co-owner of the hot new Boneyard Bistro.
INCONSPICUOUSLY situated at the far, back end of a fairly busy Vons shopping center, the new Bistro Provence in the Toluca Lake area of Burbank is not easy to find - even if you know it's there.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- The Beach Bistro, one of the Zagat Guide's highest-rated restaurants in Florida, will be present at an exclusive dinner at the James Beard Foundation honoring Beach Bistro Chefs Peter Arpke and Mac DeCarle on Friday, Sept.
Chang's China Bistro and applies to every order, with the exception of Happy Hour specials.