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a water-soluble brownish-yellow pigment made by boiling wood soot


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The Innsbruck scientific teams of Klaus Bister, Markus Hartl and Bert Hobmayer have, for the first time, identified the oncogene in a fresh water polyp (Hydra) and they have shown that it has very similar functions when compared with humans.
Bister and Greenbaum were married by Rabbi Aaron Eiseman in New York's Temple Beth Israel (Seventy-Second Street Synagogue).
The losing rinks were Alan Kemp, Richard Stocking, Mike Soloman and George Palmer (11-18), Ron Jackson, Bernard Crowther, Keith Rawlings and Roy Lawrence (19-25), Royston Andrews, Pam Kemp, Martyn Evans and John Greves (13-23), Michael Hall, Don Cartwright, Tony Mann and Alan Bister (10-34).
In a closely contested match, Peter Lichfield, Alan Walker, Mick Foster and George Palmer drew 19 all and the losing rinks were Royston Andrews, Brian Hunt, Graham F Taylor and Mike Gilks (17-19), Dave Longdon, Martin Preedy, Clive Andrew and Alan Bister (6-23) and Alan Kemp, Les Boulton, Tony Bennett and Colin Haywood (9-32).
Other rink winners were: Jim Richards, Tony Parsons, John Brain and Colin Haywood (18-9), Derek Wattison, Clive Andrew, Graham F Taylor and John Greves (15-13) Len Falconbridge, Eric Tallis, Alan Bister and John Pallett (15-11).
In the match against Lincolnshire the VPs highest rink win was returned by Cliff Brown, Jim Richards, Mike Westell and Alan Bister with a 21-16 success.
Alan Bister and Keith Rawlings weighed in with a treble and double to cut the gap to two shots at 15-13, only to drop a last-end treble and lose 18-13 to Mark Pearl, Ray Sims, Mick Davis and Derek Owen.
Scores v Warwickshire President's team (Whitnash names first): Frank Darlison, Ray Sins, Ken Dolby and Colin Haywood 9 Stuart Nuttall, Graham Taylor, Ted Rheans and Sinon Rogers 28, Tom Buick, Roy Evans, Hamish Crawford and Alf Diston 23 Ron Boulton Michael Jackson, /Alan Bister and Keith Hornsby 15, John Loveridge, Ken Sloan, Geoff Barnes and Les Clarkson 13 Steve Willey, Arnold Goad, Russell Box and Gareth Willcock 24, Mark Pearl, Pete Smith, Eric Euston and Dave Thomas 21 Rob Morris, John Hughes, Colin Sheldon, and Stuart Thomas 22, Bill Wright, Edgar Vince, Keith Billington and Derek Owen 17 Colin Baldwin, Jim Tighe, Tony Stacey and George Palmer 21, Martin Horsley, John Ingold, Bob Cook and Simon Gilbert 26 Ian Flynn, Nicky Walker, Tom Gilbert and Rob Maries 12.
Tony Ridpath, Dave Phillips, Ted Amos, Roy Swift 15 Karen Dunbar, Bob Flounders, Andy Malcom, Jack Langman 20, Alan Kemp, Brian Lindley, Ian Bassnett, Alan Bister 15 Ivor Williamson, Mary Hills, Steve Holmes, Derek Taandy 16.
Scores (VPs names first): Dave Longdon, Ted Amos, Ian Bassnett, Dennis Lee 17 Maurice Richards, Stan Ralphs, Ray Case, Ivor Fennell 18, Rex Fox, Mick Foster, Keith Rawling, Declan Casey 18 Phil Book, Jim Richards, Lyel Richards, Trevor Bennett 14, Derek Wattison, Derek Pratt, Les Boulton, Alan Bister 9 Terry Malin, Maryn Evans, Morgan South, Mike Blackmore 26, Dave Eden, Martin Preedy, Tony Parsons, George Palmer 18 Dave Williams, Graham Jervis, John Hughes, Dave Blackmore 16, Clive Andrew, Tony Ridpath, Mike Westell, Dave Thomas 18, John Gray, Mick Thompson, Mike Gilks, Tony Bradbury 14, Alan Kemp, Royston Andrews, Graham F Taylor, Roy Swift 18 Mac Dempster, Jim Tighe.
Royston Andrews, Jack Hands, Keith Francis and Alan Bister were 16-14 behind at 16 ends before their timely brace of threes set them up for their eventual six shots win of 24-18.
VPs rink results were Derek Wattison, John Wylie, Morris Clayton, George Palmer (27-12), Clive Andrew, David Phillips, Tony Bennett, Colin Haywood (23-13), Ted Amos, Ian Bassnett, Graham F, Taylor, Keith Rawlings (23-23), Keith Crowhurst, Bill Faulkner, Bill Hammond, Alan Bister (19-22), Len Falconbridge Ray Prentice, John Pallett, Roy Lawrence 17-18), Dave Longdon, Ted Poole, John Stewart.
In the triples match Brian Meacham, Brian Hunt and Alan Bister lined up against Geoff Spencer's trio and with 12 ends played Bister and his partners were hanging in with 10-9 lead after scoring one four, one two and four singles against three twos and three singles.
John Baker, Ray Kelly, Boris Boulstridge and George Palmer returned Greyfriars highest winning card with a 29-11 success over Alan Bister and partners.