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any of several large humped bovids having shaggy manes and large heads and short horns

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BRUCELLOSIS--a bacterial disease which can affect cattle and bison, has prompted officials to use helicopters, pickup-trucks, and wranglers on horseback, to force bison back into Yellowstone's boundaries.
Bison are large, powerful animals that require lots of space to roam, and enclosures to ensure their safety and that of neighbors.
Wood bison used to be a part of the Alaska landscape.
Bison were valuable for their ability to convert grass to meat, but they were not the most efficient method of doing so.
It was their son-in-law Simon who had the idea of bringing bison to the farm after he spent a year on a ranch in North Dakota.
To avoid starving as herds were reduced, native and Metis hunters were forced to kill more bison than their way of life would normally allow.
Bison Organic Gingerbread Ale is available in 4-packs and draft.
While many bison have been bred with cattle, Yellowstone National Park has one of the world's largest and most genetically-pure bison herds.
Last month, Sioux and Assiniboine tribe members celebrated as about 60 bison ran into a prairie that hadn't been grazed by bison in almost 140 years.
Twenty-two years later, US President Grover Cleveland signed the Act to Protect the Birds and Animals in Yellowstone National Park and to Punish Crimes in Said Park, securing a future for bison.
The forest bison is a rare exotic species that has survived to the present day as a representative of the Pleistocene fauna.
The success of the breeding programme at the bison reservation near Topoianky (Nitra Region) means that they have a higher number of young animals than the area can easily support so three bison are to be sold to a private entrepreneur from Namestovo who plans to display them to visitors.
Along with the investment, Bison also announced Rick Kushel, General Partner of FINTOP, has joined Bison's board of directors.
In North American tallgrass prairies, large grazers such as bison can influence plant communities in many ways: by altering nutrient cycling (Johnson and Matchett, 2001), removing biomass (Knapp and Seastedt, 1986), creating disturbances through activities such as wallowing and trampling (Knapp et al.
12 September 2017 - Texas, US-based investment advisory and management services firm Bison Interests, LLC, Bison Energy Opportunity Fund, LP and Young Capital Management portfolio manager Joshua Young have acquired ownership of 10.