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any of several large humped bovids having shaggy manes and large heads and short horns

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You don't have to tithe to the Church of Bison to agree that no other animal in the history of the United States has been burdened with such symbolic importance.
Hornaday Smithsonian naturalist, and a founder of the American Bison Society 1913
Bison are large, powerful animals that require lots of space to roam, and enclosures to ensure their safety and that of neighbors.
Wood bison used to be a part of the Alaska landscape.
Ted's Montana Grill also encourages guests to ask members of Congress to cosponsor the National Bison Legacy Act in an effort to elect the bison as the national mammal via VoteBison.
2-113 units at the venture s final stage, Bison 4 are to be serviced under the deal.
As hard winter arrives, the bison migrate onto the National Elk Refuge near the town of Jackson.
For this information and more from the National Bison Association, see http://www.
Wood and plains bison originally had contiguous ranges, were mixed in the 1900s and are not genetically distinct groups.
Normally this is where the bison roam, lolloping around behind tall, specially built fences; huge wooden posts driven into the turf by machines made in Canada, with Texan made steel wires that can stop a pick-up truck strung between them.
Bison also recommends cooking with Gingerbread Ale and even mixing it into festive cocktails.
To some Native American tribes, a white bison is a symbol of the Ptesan Wi (White Buffalo Calf Maiden).
London, Sept 1 ( ANI ): A purebred Yellowstone calf is now living at the Bronx Zoo after scientists were able to successfully implant a genetically pure embryo into a commercial bison.
In 1902, North America's last 25 plains bison found refuge in Yellowstone National Park, remnants of the estimated 30 million that had roamed the land just two decades earlier.
Most lately, Flying Bison has announced entirely new packaging for their beer line, including two new packages--Rusty Chain, a Vienna Style beer--and a variety 12-pack called Herd of Bison, featuring Buffalo Lager, Rusty Chain and Aviator Red.