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an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese

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Consecrated in May 2010 and taking up her post as bishop suffragan in July, Glasspool now has no dearth of contact with parishes, serving the clergy and congregations of the almost 150 parishes and missions in the far-flung diocese.
After serving as canon to the bishops of Maryland beginning in 2001, she was nominated in 2009 in part by a superior, Bishop Suffragan of Maryland John L.
Harris, Retired Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, and Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Presiding Prelate, Thirteenth Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Barbara Andrews on March 7 as its nominee for bishop suffragan to the metropolitan with responsibilities for APCI.
Light was elected bishop suffragan to Archbishop Crawley, with responsibility for APCI.
At today's press conference, Kelly was joined by Michael Peters, the Mayor of Hartford, Charlie Moret, from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and Bishop Suffragan James Curry of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut.
In his sermon, George Packard, the Episcopal Church's bishop suffragan for chaplaincies, took the intricacies of pain from the early days of Katrina and posited them into the helping hands and hearts of the present and into the arms of God.
Irving Mayson, the first African American bishop in Michigan's Episcopal Church, was elected and served as bishop suffragan from 1976-1992.
In 1979, he was elected bishop suffragan (assistant) of the Arctic and lived for a time in Iqaluit, then called Frobisher Bay, now the capital of Nunavut.
After the council approved the increase, Catherine Roskam, bishop suffragan of New York and a member of the council's ACC deputation, said she had abstained from the vote because she "couldn't think dearly enough" since she still harbored strong feelings about the way the American delegates were treated at the ACC meeting in Nottingham last June.