bishop pine

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two-needled or three-needled pinon mostly of northwestern California coast

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He had already collected five years of data on the mysterious relationship between certain kinds of mycorrhizal fungus and the root systems of Bishop pines.
One plant of particular concern is the Bishop pine, a species that relies on fire to coax its cones to open and release seeds in abundance.
Seeds of Bishop pines and various other kinds of trees also do better when landing in nutrient rich ash soil that has been cleared of competing underbrush.
Wending your way eastward and upward, you encounter a conifer forest of Bishop pine, grand fir, and western hemlock.
The fourth terrace, which 400,000 years ago was ocean floor along the coastline, is dominated by Bishop pine.
A moderate path starts at Fisk Mill Cove and meanders through a forest of ferns, rhododendrons, and Bishop pines, providing peekaboo views of waves pounding rock-strewn beaches, seals frolicking in kelp beds, and abalone divers plying their trade.
Like many other kinds of vegetation, Bishop pines (Pinus muricata) produce compounds called polyphenols; many ecologists believe these substances ward off pathogens and herbivores.
Work is slated to begin in September on a $135,000, three-year, state-funded effort to protect a 5,000-acre stand of Mendocino cypress, Bolander and Bishop pines - none of which grow to more than 10 feet tall.
On the way, you'll pass tree-sheltered picnic tables and an old grove of stately Bishop pines.