bishop's hat

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slow-growing creeping plant with semi-evergreen leaves on erect wiry stems

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You're better off cutting your losses and replacing the sun-starved patch of grass with a shade-tolerant ground cover, such as bishop's hat or sweet woodruff.
Later at the conference, DiMarco and a friend ran into the boy and asked what he would trade for the bishop's hat.
Nuala Creed's Mea Culpa, a supplicant altar boy, naked from the waist down and wearing a bishop's hat, addresses issues that are still difficult for contemporary Ireland to face.
The alto-voiced New York native has ABBA on her Prius stereo, a banner made by church youths on her office walls, a mock bishop's hat made of construction paper on her windowsill (this a gag gift from friends after Glasspool's election became official), and photos of her partner, Becki Sander, displayed in magnet frames on her air conditioning unit.
21) Mixed with the Bull mark in gatherings "i," "k," and "L" is a Bishop's Hat with Lily/Mitre (see fig.