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Synonyms for bisexuality

showing characteristics of both sexes

sexual activity with both men and women

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Although several studies have noted higher rates and negative consequence of sexual violence in bisexual women, few have attempted to unravel the connections between bisexuality and victimization," the abstract of the study says.
His claim to bisexuality wasn't a transitional phase or halfway point between straight and gay.
The 67-year-old was booted out of the house in August after being given three warnings for his remarks on bisexuality and for a comment, not broadcast, about gas chambers.
An appointments committee member who is nationally known for leadership on diversity issues stated during an interview that bisexuality was only a way to be cool and identify oneself as an ally to the gay and lesbian community, suggesting that it was not a real orientation at all.
The term "biphobia," typically defined as fear of bisexuality, is becoming more commonly used in popular media.
Whereas Watson explores bisexuality as a transgressive yet underutilised power, this article chronicles a shift.
The Bilicious show helps to demystify stereotypes about bisexuality while presenting positive images of bisexuals, through an entertaining and educational multimedia variety show format.
The Church has claimed that ahomosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality are an unnatural and harmful violation of Godas will.
It describes enormous unhappiness at times, an abundance of male bisexuality, and matrimonial complications that would not be out of place in a Feydeau farce.
I can tell it's outta Canada, and there's a little female bisexuality in there (partly because it's so hot right now), along with beer, weed, money, spray paint, and more.
COMEDIAN Joe Lycett has scored an Epic Win as he prepares for the TV spotlight - and shined a light on his own bisexuality.
Sleights of reason; norm, bisexuality, development.
A major step toward that end was taken when the concept of bisexuality was introduced.
Gebhard, an original member of Kinsey's research team and director of The Kinsey Institute from 1956-82, to reflect on recent research involving male bisexuality.
Bisexuality for Baumgardner is located at the nexus of self-awareness, popular culture, and the legacies of imperfect social movements such as feminism and gay rights.