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I've heard many, many people--gay and straight alike--say they wouldn't date a bisexual person.
Given this potential difficulty, premarital counseling programs can help bisexual partners attend to each individual's developmental perspective as it relates to each person's views and concerns about being in a committed relationship with a bisexual person.
In a study of homophobic and heterosexist attitudes of nursing educators, Randall (1989) found that educators may continue to harbor misinformation and distrust of lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons despite access to abundant information regarding human sexuality, adherence to a professional mission of service, and adherence to a professional code of ethics.
Rachel Wilson, project manager for Triangle Wales, said, 'We have a trained and committed team giving their time to make sure any lesbian, gay or bisexual person finding themselves in housing crisis has somewhere to turn.
One may also fairly ask if a bisexual person at the university insisted on his or her right to promiscuous sex as part of his or her identity, would the president endorse that claim?
Youths' discomfort with their sexual orientation was measured with seven items on a five-point Likert scale that asked youths how comfortable they felt as a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person in their family, friendship networks, work, school, neighborhood, and city or town.
Does our Judaism have a preference as to the decision a fully bisexual person makes with regard to his or her sexuality?
Christopher Neal became the first bisexual person to ever serve as a New York City Pride Grand Marshall.
And I encourage this because I hope that within our church every gay person, every lesbian person, every bisexual person or transgendered person will come out.
Both Anastasia's and Lisa's comments strike me as hard on the sexually inexperienced bisexual person, who, while annoying, has to start somewhere.
I don't think, oh, that's a bisexual person, that's a gay person, that's a straight person.
Having a heterosexual relationship does not necessarily mean that a bisexual person is using the acting strategy.
He says the 2010 video inspired an even bigger project, the It Gets Better Tour, an ever-expanding, one-week residency program that visits high schools and middle schools in Southern California and across the nation to promote the prevention of bullying against lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual persons.
21, 1993, the DADT policy prohibited military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual members or applicants but banned openly gay, lesbian or bisexual persons from military service.
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