biserial correlation

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a correlation coefficient in which one variable is many-valued and the other is dichotomous

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Point biserial correlations were performed if one set of data was continuous variable and the other set was dichotomous variable.
Point Biserial Correlations of Participation in Organized Sports (POS) with Scores on Rod-and-Frame Test (RFT) and Physical Activity (PA) Levels (n = 129) RFT PA1 PA2 PA3 PA4 PA5 PA6 POS .
Summary statistics, point biserial correlations, and chi-square statistics were used to analyze the data.
Table 3 shows the average scores and standard deviations, item difficulty, average point biserial correlations, and internal consistency by administration mode and response format.
Moreover, the statistical evidence provided through the application of the Point Biserial Correlation to the pre-tests of reading comprehension and STM span indicate that there is no significant go-togetherness between STM span and performance on reading comprehension tests.
The simple correlations between selected variables were examined using the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient (except for gender where a point biserial correlation was utilized).
7 Comparing Variables of Ordinal or Dichotomous Scales: Spearman Rank-Order, Point-Biserial, and Biserial Correlations.
For Question 2 about the association of completion with age and education, the point biserial correlations were not statistically significant.