biserial correlation

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a correlation coefficient in which one variable is many-valued and the other is dichotomous

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The monthly prevalence of the disease was then compared with the meteorological data and statistically analyzed using the biserial correlation between prevalence and rainfall, temperature and humidity.
The biserial correlation coefficient also indicates significant statistical relations for all items.
Point biserial correlations were performed if one set of data was continuous variable and the other set was dichotomous variable.
The point biserial correlation between the presence of an identified psychological theme (0 = no psychological theme, 1 = psychological theme) in the suicide notes and age was .
The point biserial correlation is the preferred method for measuring the effectiveness of a test item's ability to discriminate between those who have mastered the examination material and those who have not.
A point biserial correlation analysis showed no difference between helper and non-helper FNE scores, [r.
W], contain the Pearson correlations between the continuous traits, the biserial correlation between binary and continuous traits, and the similarity measurement 1 - 0.
Summary statistics, point biserial correlation coefficients, and chi-squares were calculated in order to analyze the relationships between sociodemographic, family, and health variables and repeat pregnancy at the two time periods.
21 Note: unmarked is Pearson correlation coefficients; pb is point biserial correlation coefficient; R is multiple correlation coefficients
While there is debate about how the "best" number of clusters can be determined, Milligan and Mahajan[22] have suggested that the point biserial correlation coefficient can be used for this purpose.
The point biserial correlations, however, showed some variability, with a low average point biserial correlation found for the group administered, true/false response format.
Entrepreneurial Intentions had a biserial correlation coefficient with Entrepreneurial Optimism of + .
Pearson Point Biserial Correlation and Binary Logistic Regression were performed to analyze the data.