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Synonyms for bisect

cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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A second existing, smaller runway bisects a portion of that site; zoning for that runway is presently under consideration.
A state highway now bisects the former base compound.
2 Moustapha Hadji bisects David Perpetuini and Alex Bonnet to have a crack at the Watford goal.
Perhaps a passing storm spawns a rainbow that bisects a darkened slope and seems to lavish its riches on a copse of yellow trees.
The routing for the cables is planned to run from Washington State's Olympic Peninsula to Vancouver Island, British Columbia - with an alternative terminus for one of the two lines in the Vancouver metropolitan area - crossing the international border which bisects the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
There's more energy here than we know what to do with," says Marcelo Cardinali as he surveys the 80-meter thick concrete retention wall that bisects the Parana River.
One more "googly eye" mobile, Aviary, 2000-2001, bisects the balcony railing up above, as though peering over the route we have just traveled.
North of Guatemala City on the south flank of the Motagua Fault, a major structure which bisects the country from the Caribbean on the east, through Glamis' 4 million ounce Marlin project, in the west.
The light gash corridor connects and bisects these spaces, exploring and dissecting the labyrinth of the interior.
85 acres at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue East and South Avenue (State Route 28), the latter of which bisects the well-developed township of Cranford and serves as the focus of much of its commercial activity.
The plant site, located off I-240, provides instant accessibility to I-40, the primary east-west interstate corridor that bisects the country.
The ridgeline bisects the 555 acres between the Golden State and Antelope Valley freeways where developer Dan Palmer has proposed building homes, offices and shopping centers.
An irregularly shaped sheet of clear Perspex, with smaller pieces of fluorescent yellow and orange Perspex stuck to it, bisects the central form.
The planned route of the northern portion of the Beltway bisects the property from east to west.