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cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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The Internal Bisector Problem is extremely difficult to prove using the classical theorems of Euclid, though it can be done.
To appreciate how useful the perpendicular bisector is in everyday life and activities, students are introduced to the Voronoi diagram--a tool that is interesting, helpful, sometimes counter-intuitive and always fun.
s], [product sum], [cross product]), and let P be a point lying on side BC of the gyrotriangle such that AP is a bisector of gyroangle [?
His measurement strategy of perimeter, diagonals, and bisectors, Figure 3, resembles the flag of Great Britain, thus the name "Union Jack Pattern.
For the mineral resource estimates, polygons, which were centered on the drill holes, were constructed by using perpendicular bisectors halfway between adjacent drill holes (also called areas of equal influence [AOI]).
The centre for Figure 5a is obtained from the intersection of the perpendicular bisectors of any two sides of the triangle.
Next construct the perpendicular bisectors of the segments B'C' and C'M and let O be their point of intersection.
The edges of both the Voronoi diagram and the medial axis are bisectors between nearest sites.
Ability to stake offset intersections and bisectors at angle points.
Tools for finding bisectors, mid-points, parallels, tangents, loci and transformations appear on a separate Construct palette: the third palette on the screen.