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cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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The mapping points are considered on the bisector plane of [X.
The curve vividly confirms the multifractal character of the damage distribution since it possesses all the features of the multifractal spectrum: (a) it is a cup convex curve that lies under the bisector f = [alpha] (dashed line in Fig.
The most important clustering-based techniques are: Bisector Trees (BST) [9], Generalized-Hyperplane Tree (GHT) [12], Geometric Near neighbor Access Tree (GNAT) [4] and Spatial Approximation Tree (SAT) [11].
2], respectively), and the graph of b=x, which, being the bisector of the first and third quadrant, maps any value of parameter b from the b-axis on the x-axis so that the corresponding values of [x.
Three regression techniques were applied: Deming, OLS Bisector, and a Passing-Bablok procedure (20).
It is well-known that the tangent line PT to the parabola at any point P is the bisector of the angle between PF and PH, the perpendicular from P to the directrix.
Hopefully will never have to differentiate, integrate or work out the perpendicular bisector of two points ever again
We plan, for example, to go through the procedure of building a triangle given its height, median, and angle bisector drawn from the same vertex.
Figure 2 shows a basic paper-cutting procedure to construct a square from a rectangular sheet of paper, while figure 3 illustrates the use of an angle drawn on paper to construct the angle's bisector by folding one side of the angle onto the other.
In Table 7, ordered residues versus the quantiles of N(0,1), the points are quite close to the bisector of the 1st quadrant and it indicates that the normal distribution for logV seems reasonable.
TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 7 OMITTED] Two bisector axes were then chosen to define the boundaries between the different groups.
This insight allows us to look at the circle and the perpendicular bisector from alternate perspectives, thus strengthening our conceptual understanding of those two objects and of geometry.
If the midtarsal joint is flexible, it is generally agreed that gentle forces should be applied to orientate the forefoot so that the plane of the metatarsal heads are perpendicular to the vertical bisector of the calcaneus [5].
As is known, an equilateral hyperbola is symmetric with respect to the bisector of the angle XOY in the first quarter.
Several techniques have been explored to improve the determination of markers of elliptical objects: the use of the elliptical distance in place of Euclidean distance (Talbot and Appleton, 2002), the bisector (Meyer, 1979) or conditional bisector (Talbot and Vincent, 1992) functions, etc .