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Synonyms for bisect

cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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Let us denote the bisector [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of the geodesic linking j to [[gamma].
Digitalized image of the upper plaster model showing the bisector point of the rotation axis of the model established by the software, as well as each tooth's mesial and distal contact points, determining the angle of tooth rotation
Using a bisector or trisector may also decrease the corneal complications in phacofracture technique.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Scrapper Conveyor Bisector Sprocket And Bar End Attachment For Scrapper Conveyor Assembly.
Ellis) * Angle bisector lines (activity with Powerpoint, butcher paper, large pencils, erasers, and yarn) * Polynomial Scavenger Hunt * Graphing with candy * Use of GeoBoards, Pattern blocks (color coded) * Create quilt blocks to tessellate shapes * Linking blocks or Base Ten Blocks * Graphing linear equations or ordered pairs with tape, floor (full Body Style) * Use financial planning to teach math (e.
He refers interested readers to the 1937 paper by Archibald Henderson, a 40-page paper Henderson calls "an essay on the internal bisector problem to end all essays on the internal bisector problem.
Looking down at the heel, the angle between the heel bisector and femur axis was measured with a goniometer, one arm of which was placed along the second metatarsal shaft and the other aligned with the ischial tuberosity.
4) which is the intersection of conjugate tangents crossing at smoothly changing angle 2[alpha] = [lambda], and sliding on a rotating convex closed loop bisector is drown along which the material point C (vertex cuts) moves evenly and slowly towards the contour.
Concurrence between the maxillary midline and bisector to the interpupillary line.
A zero value would, In principle, be close to the bisector.
The general bisector formula in the parametric form using the direction k is defined as
Each subject was scanned with and without weight bearing in a neutral position ("neutral" external rotation) and in 90[degrees], where the degree of foot rotation was measured between the bisector line of the heel and the supporting surface.
Another approach is to design a corner reflector antenna with a half-wavelength dipole placed on the bisector of the corner angle of a conducting surface bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees.