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dividing into two equal parts

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Unlike the technical procedure used in the direct rating and bisection, in which decision maker/s is/are subject to a cognitive effort that involves more than two actions (e.
Initiated in 2004, approvals for the project were delayed on account to its bisection by the Kadambra River, but in January 2013 a bridge was agreed to be built and 'special economic zone' was granted.
Very advanced algorithms based on Genetic Algorithms or bisection has been already presented in Refs.
We then drop a perpendicular to the base from this bisection point.
In the former method, random partitioning and bisection are two well-known strategies.
The DMZ's bisection of the peninsula also means it traverses numerous unique biospheres, capturing mountains, prairies, swamps, rivers, lakes and marshes within its limits.
The values of all those parameters but [mu] and [phi] are known, so the calculation of these parameters is possible using the numerical method of bisection.
Convergence of such a branch and bound algorithm for maximizing a Lipschitz functions over n-simplices by using bisection at the midpoint of one of the longest edges and the upper bounds [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
The semitransparent thermoplastic material allowed the calcaneal bisection line to be visible.
For surgical bisection of nodes good-quality instruments in optimal condition must be used to limit traumatisation artefact.
To solve for spherical coordinates, numerical approximation methods are necessary, such as the bisection or the Newton-Raphson root finding algorithm.
216) reify the so-called resistant concept album too early in the essay--skeptical readers will see this not as a peculiarity of the album, but as an incommensurability with Letts's bisection of the concept album genre.
This group filed a Notice of Constitutional Question, challenging the constitutionality of subparagraph 15(1) (c) of the CHRA on the basis that it violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ("Charter bisection 15(1).