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dividing into two equal parts

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By use of the Erlang B formula (4) and the method of bisection we have obtained the dependency of the link utilization A if the probability of delay C is constant and bandwidth N is increasing.
The results were particularly perplexing due to the apparent similitude it has with the line bisection experiment, both being measured by accurate assessment of the relative length of the line's subdivision.
Rather, it was the proposed bisection of Washington Square Park, one of New York's most historical and beloved spaces.
On this side of the Atlantic, the 1950s and '60s beget the burning of bras and the bisection of traditional necklines.
Because we were interested in linking spatial ability with empathy, we also included a very simple task of spatial attention called the line bisection task.
Finally we mention that we used the bisection method applied to the approximated functions for the numerical computation of the previous roots.
Modifying the option valuation model to use a bisection method (see sidebar "A Method for Partitioning Value") that simultaneously determines the optimal stock price and option value yields the results shown in Exhibit 2.
It has been shown that reducing vigilance either by sleep deprivation (and possibly attentional resources) or by fatigue (related to time-on-task), produced a rightward shift on a line bisection task (Manly, Dobler, Dodds, & George, 2005).
Random sequential bisection and its associated binary tree.
Sperry, "Brain Bisection and Mechanisms of Consciousness," in Brain and Conscious Experience, ed.
El analisis filogenetico, basado en el principio de parsimonia, fue realizado a traves del programa TNT (Tree analysis using New Technology), utilizando el algoritmo TBR (Tree bisection and reconnection), salvando 10 arboles por replicacion y partiendo de un arbol generado al azar con 10 replicas por secuencia de adicion.
A canal of this type has been central to Nicaragua's emergence dreams for more than a century, surviving the actual bisection of the isthmus at Panama.
Art, so the allegory implies, affords clarity by simplifying complex surfaces into patterns (its resource of stylization), and mirrors the androgyny of the central figure in its diagrammatic bisection of dark and light.
The bisection method was used to solve the maximum likelihood equations (Yakowitz and Szidarovszky, 1989).
If the bisection of plants and flatworms is a form of twinning by fission, then we have to go carefully to distinguish what we are saying about human twinning.