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cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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5 kilometer ridge bisecting the system returned multi-gram gold with values as high as 34.
The artist's overriding figural interest was clearest in a second video, new skin, 2002, that, projected onto two oval screens bisecting each other at a ninety-degree angle, tells the story of a young Japanese woman going blind.
The Santa Clara River, meandering from Acton to the Ventura coast, and bisecting Santa Clarita, was nominated last year as the last wild river in Southern California.
Towards the water this cross axis passes through a commercial centre before bisecting the Utopia and Portuguese pavilions.
The outer gallery and reception area were dominated by a peculiar plywood structure, a large square chute extending through the interior wall and bisecting both rooms.
The Santa Clara River, running from Acton to the Ventura coast and bisecting Santa Clarita, had been under consideration for listing as an American Heritage River, but was dropped after U.
A secondary ramp penetrates the building at first floor level, bisecting the inner courtyard.
In another box piece, also Untitled, 1999, eight decals depicting a generic boy and dog face off across a closed hallway that circumscribes the sculpture, serving as portals to the conflicted nostalgia at the heart of the work, while a blank, open-ended hallway bisecting the box's interior conveys a faint, disjunctive loneliness.
While its gross mismanagement over past years has prompted a cutoff of federal and state funding for rail projects, this impasse has handed the Valley a golden opportunity to create its own transit system, freed from the MTA's edict that an east-west rail line bisecting the Valley is the ultimate solution to all of the Valley's future transit needs.
On March 23, she and husband Lee, a plumber and certified building inspector, were driving home from their cabin in Lake Isabella along State Highway 184 near the town of Arvin, an agricultural stretch of road bisecting grape, cotton and onion fields.
The first contribution of this work is the introduction of the Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC) [5] as a termination criterion for a bisecting version of the "Incremental K-Means" approach.
The 30 mg Isosorbide Mononitrate Extended Release Tablet is an oval, reddish-pink, film-coated tablet with a debossed "E" bisecting "30" on one side and bisect on the other side.
The broad swath of grassland bisecting the northern range, nicknamed the "Serengeti of Yellowstone" for its prolific wildlife, was conspicuously absent of middle-aged trees.