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cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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Key statement: Provided are a bisected mold for tire molding that enables manufacturing of high-performance tires and that, at a mold clamping, prevents a tire from being pinched to thereby attain a yield enhancement; and a process for manufacturing a tire.
Then, one of the two clusters is selected and further bisected, leading to a total of three clusters.
My second interesting experience with high-voltage transmission lines came in the mid-1970s, when we were asked to appraise a rectangular 400[+ or -]-acre parcel of wooded land with road frontage on each end that had been bisected by a transmission line.
And so, behind the great sheds of the Arsenale in the appropriately named Giardini delle Vergini, the Chinese constructed a gently inclined slope clad in recycled clay tiles and partly bisected by a promenading ramp.
Built on the ingenious premise of a diagonally bisected stage that serves as a mirrored studio and a young student's looking glass into a fantasy world of ballerina-land, Wheeldon demonstrated from the start that he possesses imagination, vocabulary, and musicality.
Macomber's recent exhibition at Kavi Gupta Gallery, "The Clearing," paired five works on paper with a suite of six paintings propped up on white pedestals and arranged as if they were figures on a stage: The paintings were cordoned off by a heavy black theatrical curtain that nearly bisected the exhibition space and introduced an obvious dichotomy between "actors" and "audience"; the works on paper, a 2005 series that depicts sea mammals with human heads or torsos, represented the latter.
The Olde English District, bisected by I-77, is a seven-county region in upper South Carolina between Charlotte and Columbia.
Director James Paradise keeps each actor on his or her half of the stage (Martyn Bookwalter's bisected set represents the spheres of war and domesticity with the same generic quality the characters have) so there's not much for them to do but sip coffee and turn pages; occasionally either the husband or wife will disappear while the other writes a confessional that will never be mailed.
But it was Paradise in name only, bisected by Benwell West pit and J O Scott's firebrick works.
americanum were frozen in liquid nitrogen and then bisected with a sterile scalpel.
The pieces include A Thousand Years, with flies hatching from a rotting cow's head, and The Prodigal Son, a bisected calf, which are worth pounds 3million.
Ever since, a concrete and barbed wire barrier of absolute immobility has bisected the entire island, enforced by a large occupation force of the Turkish mainland army.
Yes, I remember young Georgie Petersfield," he said, mopping the tears that bisected his craggy face.
A glorious long pass from Leam Lawrence bisected the home defence and Chrissie Greenacre raced on to the loose ball, side-footing past the advancing keeper into an unguarded net.
bisected by a dirty stream that strains through fallen trees