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a heavy brittle diamagnetic trivalent metallic element (resembles arsenic and antimony chemically)

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LONDON, November 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- BIS Limited, a leading owner and operator of secure managed London data centres and outsourced managed IT services, is pleased to announce Q3 year on year revenue growth of 21%.
Commenting on the BISx technology, Marc Davidson, vice president of engineering for Aspect stated, "BISx greatly simplifies the incorporation of BIS technology into our partners' monitoring systems and opens the door to an entire class of monitoring systems that has historically been out of reach due to the cost of integration.
BIS now has multiple DCIE accredited engineers and their knowledge has been fundamental in driving Datacore's growth in the storage virtualisation market.
Ogawa et al6 reported that spike-monitoring of anaesthesia using bilateral BIS monitoring was useful during corpus callosotomy for the treatment of epilepsy to assess the effects of anaesthesia and the therapeutic effects of the surgery.
BIS seeks with its activities and efforts to promote and affirm its role, in the local and international community, in the field of information technology and internet.
At present, it is not mandatory for bottled water manufacturers to imprint a BIS mark on bottles and get away with just the ISI mark given under the Prevention of Food Adulteration ( PFA) Act.
capital of BIS Media with a nominal value of PLN 574 per share at the total
No one questions Mervyn's intellectual ability," a BIS observer said.
This latest advance reflects Aspect's ongoing commitment to continuously increase the value of BIS technology to the thousands of anesthesia providers who have adopted it," said Chamoun.
In their article, Sen et al (2) blamed vasospasm for the fall in BIS value in their patient.
Looking back at three-quarters of a century in central bank cooperation provided a fitting opportunity for the BIS leaders to demonstrate that central bankers are learning to open up and be more responsive to a skeptical public and to the financial community at large.
BIS technology is installed in approximately 70 percent of hospitals listed in the July 2006 U.
Space at Anchorage Point will be available on either a co-location or fully managed basis and to date the demand has been extremely strong," says Raj Bosamia, Commercial Director for BIS Ltd.
May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- BIS Strategic Decisions, the third largest provider of information to vendors in the information technology industry, has been sold to Giga Information Group, an investment group led by Gideon I.
Since 1991, BIS technology has been featured in more than 200 studies at the ASA, with this year marking the most studies citing BIS technology ever presented at the conference.