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an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables


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Also, restaurateurs are willing to sacrifice chunky menus, and are focusing on offering a single dish or varieties of the same - kebab-only restaurants, biryani outlets.
Though our speciality is haleem and tari kanji, our lamb chops, butter chicken and biryani too are loved by our customers," says Nitin Thomas, restaurant manager at Royal Indian.
Located at Chitli Qabar -- near the Karim's -- this place serves biryani that is so spicy that some patrons find it a little too chatpata .
Apart from biryani and harees, the meal includes juice, fruit, dates and buttermilk, either served in individual packets or in big trays to be shared by three to four individuals.
95, and every day there's a changing assortment of biryani dishes, curry preparations, madras recipes and dosa specials.
CHITRAL -- The residents of Chitral and tourists Wednesday thronged Shahi Fort and enjoyed traditional aroma of Bar B Q and Biryani on the third day of Eidul Azha.
Madhur Jaffrey's Biryani is a feast to Madhur Jaffrey's Biryani is a feast to |tantalise anyone's taste buds
The biryani is so good that on a usual weekday they make 5,000 kg of it and on weekends and special occasions up to 10,000 kg of the good stuff.
We are also getting a large number of requests for deliveries of our large platters such as the vegetable snack platter, the mixed kebab platter, the chicken tikka biryani and chicken biryani.
Indian restaurant specializing in Chicken Biryani and Tikka Marsala.
Then sprinkle the ginger juliennes and green chilli juliennes on the top of the biryani, together with the fried onions and three cubes of butter and also the liquid food colouring (red and green of each colour, drops in random parts of the pan) and cover the biryani with foil and saute pan lid (still on a low heat).
Dipna's Chicken Biryani saucepan and bring | Nice and spicy.
Four decades old and famed for its unique taste, Student Biryani opened its first outlet in Oman, in the MBD area of Muscat.
Vijay Kattineni, Venugopal Pittala and Prasad Lakkala opened the Paradise Biryani Pointe restaurant over Thanksgiving weekend at 127 Turnpike Road (Route 9) in Westboro.