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informal terms for nakedness

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Although never inspiring, Bluebird is a pleasant, well-crafted piece of ERSTWHILE Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones was never easily going to eclipse his prior achievements, but his new outfit, The Birthday Suit, are certainly growing in stature.
We were treated to Captain Jack in his birthday suit rising like a slightly untoned phoenix from his concrete coffin which had been dropped off a cliff after a high speed chase between a JCB digger and.
With tips on improving one's physical, emotional, and psychological health, and advice on how to exercise one's body and mind, "Rejuvenation" is a guide to getting back into feeling right in one's own birthday suit.
Current naturist club member James McKinney, who enjoys being in his birthday suit better than sinking a pint, said the naked truth is there are a lot of like-minded people across Ireland but there is just nowhere for them to go - until now.
I HAVE been reading the Daily Post for the best part of half a century but have never been more puzzled than I was today; how exactly, is a picture of a healthy indigenous male fireman in his birthday suit, a threat to diversity?
3 Check your birthday suit each month on the date you were born.
When the DVD version of ``Failure To Launch'' finally launches, can one of the director's cuts be to cut out that agonizingly awkward moment when Terry Bradshaw strolls around in his birthday suit while pondering the mysteries of life with Matthew McConaughey?
Another is Wanton (by Kris), who achieved greater fame as the dam of 1997 Irish 1,000 Guineas winner Classic Park, smart US filly Rumpipumpy and last year's very useful juvenile Birthday Suit.
Stanley explained to a judge that he favored his birthday suit because during a previous robbery spree, he'd been identified by his distinctive clothing, and he just didn't want that to happen again.
On one side of a split television screen, the home audience saw a lovely young girl strip down to her distorted birthday suit.
Newborns are about to get a much better addition to their birthday suit, thanks to the combined efforts of Maternus, family physician Richard Watson, M.
They beat Colombia 1-0 and, true to their word, the presenter reported this in her birthday suit.
Lady Gaga literally appeared in her birthday suit when she stepped out to celebrate her 28th birthday this time.
Y's video has the singer cavorting with multiple partners, simulate masturbation, and strip to her birthday suit, she has also bizarrely resurrected Michael Jackson, Jesus, and Gandhi.
Ex–Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones was never easily going to eclipse his prior achievements but his new outfit, The Birthday Suit, are growing in stature.