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Synonyms for birthday present

a present given in celebration of a person's birthday

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King John Dough had brought for Ozma's birthday present a lovely gingerbread crown, with rows of small pearls around it and a fine big pearl in each of its five points.
But hopefully the players will give me the three points instead as a birthday present - that would be perfect.
Humpty Dumpty talks about an un-birthday present he received, and Alice says she likes birthday presents best.
uk @MRRSUTCLIFFE A YOUNG boy was overjoyed and broke down in tears after his family clubbed together to buy him his best birthday present ever - a Huddersfield Town season ticket.
she determined to deliver a birthday present to her brother by sailing on the water in her little walnut shell boat.
Caroline James, administration manager at Thomas Sanderson, is one of the employees who handed their birthday present to charity this year.
Buying a birthday present each year can be costly, so speak to your friends and see if they would rather you don't buy presents on an annual basis but instead look for something bigger when it comes to celebrating special birthdays.
It was probably the most expensive birthday present I'll ever get, but also the most precious
And following an appeal in the Chronicle the thief had his conscience pricked and returned days later to drop off a note of apology - claiming he stole it as a birthday present for his mum.
A BIRD bath thief has returned to the scene of their crime to leave a letter of apology - claiming they stole it as a birthday present for their mum.
13, took to Twitter to tell the media that they can give her a birthday present by not accusing her friends of dating her.
Charles got an unusual birthday present when he travelled to the Wellington suburb of Miramar, which has been dubbed "Wellywood" because of the movie-making companies in the area.
She has bought him an 18th birthday present," she said.
Birthday shed baffler PAUL TOWNEND, who turned 21 on Thursday, is still trying to get his head round an early birthday present from his housemates.
HISTORIC almshouses on Teesside have been given a pounds 20,000 birthday present.