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a present given in celebration of a person's birthday

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LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week at the Indy 500, Michaele Schon gave her husband the ultimate birthday gift.
SINGER Myleene Klass has written a scathing retort after receiving a "bonkers" email from school mothers suggesting parents donate money to buy their children birthday gifts including a Kindle.
This week I ear-wigged as two spoilt bankers' wives, having dropped their kids at their apartheid schools, detailed a stressful day they'd had trawling filthy-rich Knightsbridge and Bond Street, including the awful experience of taking a birthday gift back to a swanky designer shop.
The birthday gift from the Queen could be seen as an acknowledgement of the sacrifices the Duke has made for his wife.
My parents haven't given me a birthday gift for the last five years.
More than one in five grandparents (22%) spends over GBP50 on Christmas presents for each grandchild and 11% spend more than GBP50 on each birthday gift.
If you are on a bus or on a boat, at noon just put your fingers in the air and say 'peace and love' just for me, that is your birthday gift to me, and this is my gift to you, peace and love.
Chimp waiter: I saw this in a shop and thought it was hilarious so Ken bought it for me as a surprise birthday gift.
THIS week we have received a donation of pounds 50 'in lieu of a birthday gift from Nellie Newbold whose birthday is on March 24'.
The sheep was originally intended as a 40th birthday gift bought for Tranmere photographer George Jenkinson by his mates.
Because of the economy, children to whom the center helped provide Christmas gifts will now be eligible for a birthday gift as well.
bishops presented Pope Benedict XVI with a birthday gift from Catholics across the country--$870,000 to support his charitable works.
Youngsters at a primary school are on track to become computer whizz-kids - thanks to a birthday gift from two past pupils.
You don't have to live in Brooklyn to have access to handcrafted, environmentally conscious crafts able to turn your apartment, your birthday gift or your outfit into a conversation piece.
org) suggests that providing money to buy a goat for a farmer in Honduras or food to victims of war would "give Jesus a birthday gift he really wants.