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a card expressing a birthday greeting

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Birthday cards are being welcomed in honor of John Croessmans upcoming birthday.
CLEVELAND -- Sending a message in a bottle may not sound like cutting-edge innovation, but the see-through, corked "bottles" of fun in the Wishes Uncorked collection of birthday cards from American Greetings are as marvelous as they are unique.
A selection of birthday card designs can be seen at http://gallery.
The hearing was told Mr Stewart also gave Pupil A a "child-like" birthday card.
Moore was joined by Reds legends Robbie Fowler and Gary McAllister as the club held a 'Red Neighbours' party for children and pensioners prior to the unveiling of the giant birthday card.
And Tanya is asking members of the public to join in in sending birthday cards to little Rubie.
Britain's oldest man, Robert Weighton who turned 109 years old Wednesday refused the traditional birthday cards people receive from the Queen when they are over 100 years old.
Also today, fans and friends of Naji and free speech will be tweeting birthday cards with the tag #NajiBirthday.
Liz's post on the True Coventarian page in September read: "My sister Marie and I are trying to get him as many birthday cards as possible.
From now on I'll walk and post my own birthday cards or correspondence.
These inspiring birthday cards depicted the devotion and passion of the children for the Hospital and highlighted their understanding of the fact that how SKMCH&RC is helping to save lives of cancer patients.
To combat hazardous drinking during 21st birthdays, a health-focused birthday card was mailed to 2, 380 college students who later completed an online instrument to assess the campaign's impact.
I have done this for years but recently when the birthday card arrives, the US dollar bill is gone
The father of a Welsh RAF hero killed in Iraq broke down in tears yesterday when a birthday card arrived from his son two days after he died.
I've had a few birthday cards sent to me which I never received and when a birthday card to my grandson including money didn't arrive I asked them how I could send cash securely.