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Cohen G, Rampal V, Aubart-Cohen E Seringe R, Wicart P Brachial plexus birth palsy shoulder deformity treatment using subscapulars release combined to tendons transfer.
Klumpke's birth palsy (involving mainly the C7 root) is only a historical interest and is no longer seen in modern obstetric practice (5).
Remaining chapters explore clinical considerations, including in utero causation of brachial plexus injury; predisposing factors; recognition, classification, and management of shoulder dystocia; brachial plexus injury at cesarean section; delivery of the nondiabetic macrosomic infant; the midwifery view; the etiology of brachial plexus birth palsy as based on radiographic, intraoperative, and histological findings; and recent reliable research.
has developed a novel arthroscopic technique to treat a debilitating condition called brachial plexus birth palsy that limits the function of children.
Characterization of glenohumeral deformities secondary to brachial plexus birth palsy with plain radiography is not possible because the glenohumeral joint does not completely ossify until puberty.