birth trauma

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physical injury to an infant during the birth process

emotional injury inflicted on an infant by events incident to birth that is alleged to appear in symbolic form in patients with mental illness

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Higgs & Sons 'continues to astonish' clients with 'the quality of its clinical negligence expertise', which covers birth injury cases and a wide array of other claims pertaining, among others, to delay in diagnosis, orthopaedic injury, respiratory arrest and strokes.
The incidence of birth injury was statistically lowest for mothers aged 15-25 years (p=0.
In terms of neonatal complications, this study indicated no statistical difference in the two groups as regards the preterm delivery, post term delivery, low birth weight, birth injury, congenital anomalies and neonatal deaths.
The firm acts in a range of claims including birth injury cases.
If passed, Maryland would follow in the footsteps of three other states that have birth injury funds: New York, Florida, and Virginia.
Acquired sensorineural hearing loss results from damage to hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea) and can be caused by illness, medication, noise exposure, birth injury, or head trauma.
In my specialised area of birth injury to both mothers and babies I am sad to say that in my experience the severity of claims has not reduced.
It may result in obstructed labour, death of the mother and/or baby and birth injury for the infant.
This model includes minimizing technological interventions while identifying women who might need obstetrical attention; a model that has been shown to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma, and C-section.
Nassir caused the birth injury suffered by Hector, to a reasonable degree of medical probability.
In a study by Nasser et al the incidence of birth injury was reported 7.
Indeed, it has been suggested by many authors that septal deformities in newborns are largely attributable to birth injury.
Obstetric brachial plexus palsy: a birth injury not explained by the known risk factors.
But a variety of other reform initiatives have been added to the mix--some more concept than reality--including mediation efforts, special health courts and birth injury funds.
Ben Gent, who joins as a partner spent the last two years as head of personal injury at Sheffield firm Ashton Morton Slack and specialises in negligence and birth injury claims.