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Seek Compensation for Birth Defects Caused by Zofran The trial lawyers at Kelley/Uustal have more than 200 years of collective legal experience.
Betty Mekdeci, executive director of the advocacy group Birth Defect Research for Children, says there are many problems with the basics of how birth defects are tracked and evaluated.
As concerns continue to mount regarding the possible alleged risks of Zofran use during pregnancy, a growing body of research has identified a host of birth defects that may impact babies exposed to the controversial anti-nausea drug in utero.
In what follows I will describe a brief history of birth defects until the mid 1940s, and thereafter detail the international efforts to develop a cogent healthcare approach and policies for people with birth defects.
They compared risks of birth defects across all infertility treatments to pregnancies in women with no record of infertility.
The birth defects included problems such as spina bifida, digestive, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular defects and urinary disease.
Han Kang (referred to in the previous article of this series) and the VA's Environmental Epidemiology Service of the Veterans Health Administration published a study that estimating the risk of birth defects as significant.
The poll finds few significant differences among most segments of the population in estimates of the incidence of birth defects in the country.
But we are not prioritising birth defects in the way that we should and we do not have a properly functioning system of recording them.
The journal Epidemiology reported that an increased risk of birth defects is strongly associated with unfiltered and polluted tap water.
Michael Darris, "Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; The Sobering Facts About the Nations Number One Preventable Birth Defect," Parents 65 (November 1990): 240.
Of those births, 13 babies (12 percent) were born with a major birth defect.
Cleft defects are the second-most common birth defect worldwide, and affect about one in 2,000 births.
Women who have taken Zyban while pregnant, and given birth to a child born with a birth defect, are encouraged to contact the law firm immediately for a free legal consultation.