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For a healthy young woman without any other stroke risk factors, the benefits of birth control pills probably outweigh the risks.
Women can purchase the "morning after" pills--also called "anti-baby" or "plan B" pills--at a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription, unlike traditional birth control pills.
According to the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Population Information Program, more than 18 million US women rely on birth control pills, also called oral contraceptives, as their birth control method.
The Ortho Evra contraceptive patch exposes women to higher steady state estrogen levels than do most birth control pills, and concerns that such exposure could increase the risk for blood clots prompted an update to the product's label.
In their discussion, the authors suggest that their findings indicate that a substantial proportion of parents of teenagers underestimate the effectiveness of both condoms and birth control pills.
There are many known benefits other than effective contraception with low dose birth control pill use.
Dr Freedolph D Anderson, the Medical School researcher who has been overseeing clinical trials of Seasonale, said side effects should be the same as for any birth control pill.
Currently, a bill in Massachusetts to require insurance companies to cover birth control pills has been stalled in Legislature for over a year.
A Bayer-funded study concluded that cardiovascular risks in women taking Bayer products were acceptable and comparable to other birth control pills.
Researchers at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, backed by New York philanthropist Katharine McCormick at the urging of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, were the brains and the bankroll that led to the birth control pill.
In reporting the number of abortions, usually only surgical abortions are reported; I venture to say that there are many more babies killed by abortifacients such as the birth control pill, IUD, etc.
Then I am supposed to go on the birth control pill to regulate my period and to keep the uterine lining from building up, which I was told could cause endometrial cancer.
Although 30 years of research have pointed to a link between birth control pill use and the risk of stroke, the association is "tenuous at best and perhaps nonexistent," according to a meta-analysis including 36 studies.
What happens if this compound, which is active at low levels of exposure, combines with estrogen from a birth control pill in the water?
We are wholly supportive of birth control choices for young women, but women need to be accurately informed of the potential risks when they take a birth control pill.