birth certificate

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a copy of the official document giving details of a person's birth

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The Government yesterday set out plans to force unmarried mothers to name the father of their children on birth certificates.
The cost for a certified birth certificate, whether from Lane County or the state, remains $20, and additional certified copies purchased on the same day are $15.
Ms Finn was told she must produce her biological mother's birth certificate.
My original birth certificate is lost, I haven't seen it for years so I did wonder if this one was right.
I've been warned it is going to be hard to get Carl's name on the birth certificate but I'll do anything.
Today, 13 mothers received birth certificates from the hands of Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko and Lviv's Mayor Andrii Sadovy.
He added: "With these birth certificates the children can now travel, they can cross the borders of the Congo and they can register for school without any problem.
Ask that your child's birth is registered again - but this time with you on the birth certificate.
com published the news of Lorde's new birth certificate on March 31 and on April 1, 2014; it edited the story with a new update titled - April Fools.
I wonder if anyone else has a birth certificate like his?
Ebba doesn't have birth certificate to proof his age, but if we are to consider the centuries-old Gadda system as perfect to determine his age, the Ethiopian man will be the oldest living person on earth.
Kolkata: Sir Mark Tully, the British journalist, who was born in Kolkata on October 24, 1935, is now finding it difficult to obtain a birth certificate from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
And it's the first chapter of your life, that birth certificate.
FATHERS would be forced to sign their baby's birth certificate under a crackdown on runaway dads.
They then obtain a birth notification form from the hospital before applying for the official birth certificate through the Bahrain.