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Synonyms for birr

the basic unit of money in Ethiopia

sound of something in rapid motion

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make a soft swishing sound

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Birring himself had joined in with the initial rescue effort, rushing from his nearby home to the busy site which he had inspected just two hours earlier.
It is not clear when Birring moved to India but he began buying up land in south Goa shortly after he arrived in the sunshine state in 2006.
Birring, 38, got two-and-a-half years in jail and 37-year-old Salh three-and-a-half years.
Birring was ordered to pay pounds 200,000 or return to prison for a further two-and-ahalf years.
Richard Sutton QC, prosecuting, said that some of the "dirty" money was laundered through a city casino by Sahl and Birring who were professional gamblers.
7 million at the Gala Casino while Birring staked more than pounds 420,000.
Mr Birring will also be encouraging owners and managers to join a taskforce which will represent their views to West Midlands Police and Sandwell Council.
Birring admitted hiding the postal packets and a further charge of delaying mail.