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rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)

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Police said an unknown "haze" coming from the sea had left people along the coast from Eastbourne to Birling Gap requiring assistance.
Junto al Rin estaba tambien el mercado de la madera, cuyos productos eran enviados por el rio desembocando en el rio Kinzig o Murgtal en Wurttemberg, donde se cree que tambien se establecieron algunas ramas de la familia Birling como tratantes de madera (p.
Anne Koheji was superb as Sybil Birling, the family's matriarch, and she really captured the role of a woman who obviously relished the thought of her daughter marrying into the class she felt she belonged in.
With a very impressive English accent, Irish Siubhan Nielsen fits right in with the prosperous middle-class Birling family.
Arthur Birling (Geoff Leesley) , his wife Sybil (Karen Archer), their daughter Sheila (Kelly Hotten) and son Eric (Henry Gilbert) are in the drawing room just after dinner.
Trained by Gordon Richards, arguably his best performance at Ayr was when conceding weight all round and thrashing Birling Jack and Scottish National winner Four Trix by 12 lengths and more in November 1990.
It featured birling (log rolling) by local river drivers, a swimming contest, a tug of war across the river, a baseball game, and a pageant commemorating early Edenville.
The expressionist style calls for big acting, verging at times on the over-the-top, particularly from Louis Hilyer in the title role and Christopher Saul as Arthur Birling, head of thesmug but soon to be brought-down family.
Hayward is no doubt the center of birling in Wisconsin.
Birling will use the grant to attend the Bay View Music Festival in Petosky, Michigan.
Spurt smuts on us birling dust-scrolls scribble what's to be written on stone, and linger a little wrinkles your skin, still less-read
Self-indulgence and a self-serving denial dictate the motives and acts of the precariously positioned Birling family.
Julian Glover's Arthur Birling hits just the right pompous patriarch marks to inspire both our disdain as he attempts to avert guilt and pity at his final maniacal efforts to hold family and social system intact.
Birling, one Eva Smith, has just committed suicide, and one by one, every membe of the household is revealed to be complicit, indeed responsible (however indirectly) for the death of the young woman.
Visitors to Birling Gap and other beaches in Sussex suffered sore eyes and breathing problems after a mystery gas was blown across from the English Channel on August 27 this year.