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rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)

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Goole points out that pompous patriarch Arthur Birling (Ken Stott) fired her from his factory for standing up for workers' rights.
David Thewlis as the Inspector, and inset the Birling family: Eric (Finn |Cole), Sybil (Miranda Richardson), Arthur (Ken Stott) and Sheila (Chloe Pirrie).
SYBIL BIRLING MIRANDA RICHARDSON Arthur's insufferable snob of a wife, who rejects poverty-stricken Eva's pleas for financial aid.
Antonio Rimola as Eric Birling, the industrialist's hard-drinking son, gives a commanding, physical performance but Naomi Underwood as his sister Sheila grappled for a convincing voice until the second act.
Local businesses, including shops and service providers, are eligible for their own webpage on the West Malling Local Shops website if they are located in West Malling, Kings Hill, East Malling, Offham, Birling, Ryarsh, Addington, Trosley or Leybourne.
The story centres around a family gathering at the home of Arthur Birling, a wealthy mill owner and local politician played by Mike Franklin whose character, if I was to be really picky, could have been played with a bit more northern grit, because his daughter, Sheila, played soundly by Siubhan Neilsen, is, after a long and somewhat shaky romance, about to wed his competitor's upper class son, whose eyes had strayed over the summer with 'you know who'.
Arthur Birling (played by Mike Franklin), his wife Sybil (played by Anne Koheji), their daughter Sheila (played by Siubhan Nielsen), and son Eric (played by Jacob Rusling) are in the drawing room just after dinner celebrating Sheila's engagement to Gerald Croft (played by Tony Wilson), son of Sir George Croft, and heir to the most successful family business in the North of England.
JB Priestley's three-act drama, penned in 1944, takes place on a single night in 1912 at the home of the prosperous Birling family.
Centerplate's outstanding food offerings continue to be a primary reason people come to Durham Bulls games," Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said, "Our fans will love the new food additions and with 48 different varieties of beer we have a selection which is second to none in Minor League Baseball.
Trained by Gordon Richards, arguably his best performance at Ayr was when conceding weight all round and thrashing Birling Jack and Scottish National winner Four Trix by 12 lengths and more in November 1990.
principle (as in 'would Mr Birling really say those things .
Birling will use the grant to attend the Bay View Music Festival in Petosky, Michigan.
Spurt smuts on us birling dust-scrolls scribble what's to be written on stone, and linger a little wrinkles your skin, still less-read
Self-indulgence and a self-serving denial dictate the motives and acts of the precariously positioned Birling family.
He said: "His father, whose speech I heard in the Iraq debate all these years ago, would be birling in his grave hearing a speech in favour of a Tory Prime Minister wanting to take the country to war and that's just a reality.