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a stiff cap with ridges across the crown

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Because we've done such a poor job of articulating the priestly role, we end up with priests clutching at birettas and ever-present Roman collars as a way to express their identity.
Or is he upset that most do not prefer, as he does, dressing up in the trappings of royalty, the yards of silk in the cappa magna, the canopies and throne chairs and all the rest--being attended by his minions, younger priests in lacy surplices, birettas and old-fashioned vestments encrusted with gold thread and jewels--all the while speaking in a dead language, facing a wall, his back to the people?
There is a concomitant return to clericalism in the priesthood, involving not only a fascination with cassocks and birettas and a preference for antiquated vestments and devotions, but also a negative, censorious tone to preaching and a cavalier dismissal of consultative structures that are sup posed to be in place in every parish.
What do you think some of today's seminarians find attractive about going back to the 1950s and resurrecting old clerical stuff--like birettas and cassocks out in public--that most people thought was gone for good?
We've seen more birettas (those funny three-peak hats with the fuzzy ball on top that come in different colors depending on clerical rank) and cassocks (the kind with real buttons, no zippers for the purists) and ecclesiastically correct color shoes and socks, lots of lacy surplices and even the capa magna (yards and yards of silk, a cape long enough that it has to be attended by two altar boys or seminarians, also in full regalia).
But we have also noticed of late a growing fascination in some quarters with yards of silk and other lavish fabrics, copes and capes with elaborate trains, birettas with those little pompons on top and gloved hands and elaborate rings, more and more cassocks and ever lacier surplices and, well, you get the picture.
George and Our Lady of Lourdes--all in rapid succession, largely because he got under the birettas and beanies of his pastors and bishops.
During the consistory, the pope once again passed on reading his homily, and also did not personally hand the new cardinals their zuchettos and birettas, the "red hats" symbolizing their office.
50 a head, birettas are still selling and that, in a way, priests and people miss them.
A Passionist priest, interviewed for this historical snippet, recalled that his priestly ancestors wore their birettas at table, probably because the monastic dining room was unheated.
Altar boys in black cassocks and white surplices carry in the censers and candles and cross; three priests with folded hands wear birettas and green and gold brocade chasubles.
Seated and listening while the choir sings the Kyrie Eleison, priests doff their birettas at the mention of Jesus' name.
There they were, clergymen somewhat to the right of Archbishop Marcel Levebvre, with pompons on their birettas and the regulation 36 buttons on their cassocks.
Patrick's Cathedral, the boys turned their heads left to acknowledge the cardinal and his clerical entourage, all of them grinning and blessing under those birettas with the colored balls that signified their ranks.
the influential clerics of the American church have had their red birettas spun by the unraveling of the priest sex scandal.