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a stiff cap with ridges across the crown

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He carried onto the stage, wherever it was, the commanding presence of an aristocratic self-image which he projected with all the aid of his poised physical bearing, superbly crafted lines deliberately underplayed, and a range of props: top-hat, biretta, even a cape in the Victorian thespian tradition .
The rector reached into his black biretta and withdrew the names of Fowler and me.
created archbishop in when he received the biretta - the hat which his position as a cardinal - 2003, he waved a Saltire Pope Benedict's UK, during enjoyed a O'Brien at his Edinburgh's But O'Brien is not for what he said, frequently FANTASTIC "In Gordon Strachan's first Scotland squad the starting 11 had four guys who had that discipline put into them.
You're our captain and leader and you never lie or fantasise," Frank replied, before noticing that John was dressed from biretta to toe as a Catholic cardinal.
Joseph Wilson entered the chapel wearing a cassock and a biretta, garments rarely worn by most post-Vatican II clerics.
The three-peak ecclesiastical biretta is not to be confused with the four-peak biretta worn by academics who hold doctoral degrees from a pontifical university or faculty.
Dressed in cassock and biretta and played as a brash, interfering figure, he provided a few hearty anticlerical laughs.
28 -- The consistory to create 24 new cardinals which took place on Saturday and Sunday, November 20 and 21 - the red biretta was given on Saturday, the cardinal's ring on Sunday - was memorable, punctuated by torrential rain, distinguished by large and excited crowds including many Sri Lankans, and ending in warm sunshine at the Pope's Angelus on Sunday at noon.
After pledging the oath, each new cardinal walked up to the pontiff who was seated on a gilded throne on the altar to receive his red zucchetto, or skullcap, and biretta, a three-ridged hat worn over it.
The priest traditionally wears either the tufted biretta or the simpler skullcap or zucchetto, also called a pileolus after its ancient origins.
A red biretta and ring are the symbols of which Roman Catholic rank?
The Parlement] consequently safeguards and maintains said Charles Cocquart de la Motte, Archdeacon of Josas within the Church of Paris, in the right to take the best bed linen, habit or cassock, cincture, surplice, almuss, breviary, biretta, horse, or donkey if applicable, following the death of priests within his Archdeaconry, as belonging to him by right after their passing, because of his office and dignity of Archdeacon to take a funeral fee.
I'm anxiously waiting a follow-up feature story that explains the new "Catholic math" that allows the four-sided biretta hats mentioned in a March 25 story to have only "three corners," as described in the photo caption.
He was accompanied on his visit to Scotland by the late Cardinal Gordon Gray, the first Scottish clergyman to be presented with the historic red biretta of a cardinal since the Reformation.
7) appears to be a high-ranking ecclesiastic--a canon or dean--whose biretta rests at Christ's bound feet.