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splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularly

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Venkatesvaran and coworkers [1] categorized the birefringence stages during the heat setting process into three stages: (i) induction period, (ii) a rapid changes, and (iii) final leveling off.
This is because of the materials low birefringence combined with its high Abb number that guarantees low dispersion effects.
He went on to reproduce Schmidt's observations of the birefringence of the living spindle.
The CNT material could be coated on either PET-film or other birefringence free films, depending on the optical requirements of the end product.
Suspecting renal amyloidosis secondary to TB, the slides were sent for examination under polarizing microscope, which showed the absence of apple-green birefringence in the slides pretreated with permanganate solution and, hence, confirmed the diagnosis of secondary renal amyloidosis.
Birefringence, also known as double refraction, is the splitting of a ray of light into two rays when it passes through certain types of material, such as calcite crystals.
9) Cornstarch was also noted in the tablet control slide as refractile polyhedral particles, which were unstained with MMPS and had a characteristic Maltese-cross birefringence when viewed with polarized light.
New features and enhancements in ASAP 2010 V1R1 include additional library resources, enhancements to the BRO Digitizer and REMOTE features, biaxial birefringence modeling, support for the import and export of new photometric data formats, updated CAD interoperability, as well as other software repairs and enhancements.
The CrystalMation Intelli-Plate 96-3 offers high throughput, a low profile and low birefringence.
Other areas explored include strategic bundling in telecommunications and its antitrust implications for intermodal competition, new challenges in Raman amplification for fiber communication systems, and fiber Bragg gratings in high birefringence optical fibers.
Malus discovered the possibility of polarizing light by reflection from a glass plate [4] and investigated birefringence in crystals and also in thin slices of plants and animal tissues [5].
One of its significant new features is the ability to predict birefringence (also known as double refraction), which can cause optical defects in lenses.
3]He polarization by a rubidium spin exchange optical pumping in a birefringence cell, a sapphire cell [8].
determine refractive indices, sign of elongation and birefringence of fibers;
The OAC can be used to measure light scattering effects, determine dichroism and birefringence, and take diffraction measurements.