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splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularly

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The flow-induced birefringence is determined by the thermomechanical history that the polymer experiences during the polymer processing (18).
An increase of the dispersive parameter, [delta], was observed, being with two order of magnitude smaller than the rotatory birefringence.
In the hIB spinning system, both stress (the drag force) and the temperature profiles were modified after the setting of the optimum process conditions that improved the birefringence dramatically.
Described as an ultra-low-viscosity resin with high particulate levels, OQ1040L is said to promote microscopic pit reproduction and low birefringence to improve the replication process.
This fringe pattern, sometimes referred to as birefringence, can be interpreted as varying levels of stress at a specific point and in a particular direction through the material.
NIST researchers are pursuing potential solutions to the problem involving mixed crystals to compensate for the birefringence effect.
Sections stained with Congo red dye demonstrated the characteristic yellow and apple-green birefringence, and the lesion had the beta-pleated sheet structure and antiparallel conformation by low-angle x-ray diffraction, typical of amyloidosis.
12) Real time birefringence development of orientation in rubbers during uniaxial stretching as detected by spectral birefringence technique.
According to Teijin-Bayer, the new PC resin offers the following advantages compared with the conventional resin: 50% reduction in birefringence, 25% reduction in water absorption, and improved stiffness against deformation at high rotational speed.
This too will produce an interference effect, and if something changes the birefringence -- as a number of physical effects will -- the interference will change.
Thus, the accurate prediction of the residual stresses and birefringence as well as the interface distribution in CIM requires a better understanding of the factors governing their development during the molding cycle.
Figure 1 shows the orientational birefringence as a function of the orientation of the main chain of PMMA.
The APM-3000 Series with Novel CD Inspection Technology leverages a form of birefringence in a Fourier Space to detect Critical Dimension (CD) and Pattern Edge Roughness (PER) variations, ultimately increasing yield rate.
Fiber optics is discussed next in chapters on transmission characteristics of step-index optical fibers, input and output characteristics of weakly guiding step-index fibers, birefringence in single-mode fibers, and manufactured fibers.
has a significant new capability--prediction of birefringence, or double refraction, which causes optical defects in lenses.