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a zoologist who studies birds

a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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As many as 2,000 birdwatchers are expected to descend on Calshot, Hants, by the weekend.
But in the Scillies the birdwatcher is not restricted to a mere hide but simply everywhere.
Pop open a beer and point your browser to Two-Fisted Birdwatcher, a website that uses a lifelong interest in all things avian as a springboard to riff on life in general.
It became tradition that birdwatchers, who spotted a rare species on the island, would celebrate their sighting by painting the bird on the toilet wall.
TOURISM in Mandakini valley may have witnessed a dip after the deluge that wreaked havoc in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand two years back, but now there is some good news for birdwatchers.
A keen birdwatcher from his teenage years, he travelled the world in search of birds and was created an honorary life member of the bird club in April this year.
And that has been affecting their population, said Campbell who has been an ardent birdwatcher since his boyhood.
Birdwatchers said they were disgusted by the company's actions at two lakes within its Lingley Mere base.
One keen birdwatcher said: "This is a rare treat for us all and ornithologists are coming from all over Europe for the thrill of seeing such a beautiful creature on this side of the Atlantic.
The building will be officially unveiled by keen birdwatcher Roger Skan and will be named the Skan Hide in memory of his late parents, Howard Victor and Elsie.
It was now 5pm and Ken knew that every birdwatcher in the country would want to see this vagrant.
Then second engineer Malcom Draper, a keen birdwatcher, rejoined the liner after it docked in Southampton and set about trying to identify it.
A BIRDWATCHER travelled for five-and-a-half hours to North Wales - only to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a rare bird.
In contrast, being a bad birdwatcher, he says, brings a sense of richness and calm to one's everyday life.
was cut from the same nature-loving cloth as his great-grandfather, Henry Ford, known, among other things, as a vegetarian birdwatcher partial to auto paint made from soybeans.