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Synonyms for birdseed

food given to birds

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Budney said he has put away bird feeders and birdseed for the winter.
Wild birdseed mixtures have been planted, grassy margins maintained and over-winter stubbles provided.
The parrot was in a large metal cage and it is believed the thieves left on foot because of the trail of birdseed which was found leading to the rear of the garden of the property.
They're understandably enticed now by our birdseed and dog food.
there had been time to take a brisk walk, eat a heart-healthy breakfast, zip to the hardware store to buy birdseed - and get a case of nerves.
You can feed the birds using a pine cone, some peanut butter, and birdseed.
We recently took one of these starving cats in because it was trying to survive on the birdseed that had dropped to the ground from one of our feeders.
One of them was rewarded with a handful of birdseed, the other with sackloads of cash.
During the initial March 6 inspection - based on a deliveryman's tip - police and health officials allegedly found animal feces, urine and birdseed on the floors.
The supermarket chain reports that in the last nine months since reports emerged that certain species were suffering, sales of birdseed have shot up by 130pc.
For starters, forget throwing rice, or birdseed for that matter, on the bridal couple.
After thawing the zucchini, I added leftover mashed potatoes, a small package of salted peanuts, a handful of birdseed, half a box of stale, high-protein cereal, one-eighth cup of vegetable oil, four tablespoons of baking soda and enough flour to make a thick, stiff batter.
We feed them birdseed and peanuts but we're not sure what else is suitable.
The payoff should amount to a whole lot more than birdseed.
It read "Chicken Dinner pounds 1" but all I got for my money was some birdseed.