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Synonyms for birdseed

food given to birds

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Paxton also sells regular and specialty birdseed by the pound, and the live meal worms that attract bluebirds are refrigerated at 45 degrees.
Steve spread [berries] with [peanut] butter and rolled them [n] birdseed.
Those plagued with backyard and garden pests will enjoy the rogues' gallery of the "Ten Most Wanted Mosquitoes for Bloodsucking Crimes" and "The Ten Most Wanted [squirrels] for Birdseed Crimes.
It isn't the birdseed that is affecting the birds," she says.
Pat added: "The plant came up through the soil of the greenhouse after I'd spilled some birdseed.
And NIMH's $1 billion dollar budget will continue to buy a lot of birdseed.
In his will, Jeb Stokes, of Pittsburgh, stated his ashes should be mixed with birdseed and scattered around his favourite park bench.
Hues range from greenish for birds who feed on plant seeds and green vegetables, to brownish for brown birdseed, and reddish for strawberries.
Mixed birdseed (best without sunflower seeds as these are too heavy.
The next step is to create some ornaments to hold birdseed, suet, peanut-butter paste, breadcrumbs, or other avian goodies.
This premium birdseed incorporates specially developed energy pellets made with vegetable oil to help support birds' increased energy needs in the winter.
They cost small fortune in birdseed but give unending pleasure.
The bear was now scooping up birdseed with its massive paw and stuffing it in its mouth.
GARDEN birds are turning their noses up at posh birdseed.
Uncle Jack's feet were sticking out between the bags of birdseed and hamster chips.