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The RSPB's recently published Birdcrime Report showed that there were 85 confirmed incidents of shooting and destruction of birds of prey in the UK in 2014, of which seven occurred in the 14 counties that make up Northern England.
In 2014, RSPB Cymru received 23 reported incidents of shootings, trappings or poisonings of birds of prey, including the confirmed shooting of a buzzard and the poisoning of a peregrine falcon, a red kite and a buzzard.
S & R Birds: Rescued Birds of |Prey Head to the National Wildflower Centre in Huyton today between 11am-3pm and say hello to S & Rescue Birds of Prey and find out all about these wonderful birds.
Geoff explained: "Some of the wood has started to go rotten so we are in the process of replacing the damaged timber; and while we were having a break from the barrier work it was lovely to see the birds of prey making good use of the frames.
The event was organised by the Canal and River Trust with Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre giving the demonstrations.
We live on the moor above Cerrigydrudion in a beautiful area that has Buzzards, Kites and Harriers, and we also keep and fly our own birds of prey.
Several birds of prey - including owls, falcons and hawks - were there and thrilled shoppers whowere given the opportunity to hold one.
Border guards of the Kyndy checkpoint in Naryn region detained a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, who illegally carried out a hunt for birds of prey, the State Border Service reported.
Now you can witness and learn about these birds of prey with live demonstrations and displays
This year is the 60th of legal protection for wild birds, but the latest RSPB Birdcrime report tells an ongoing story of illegal persecution of the UK's birds of prey.
The charity is trying to establish how many of the birds of prey are on our shores.
ILLEGAL poisoning remains a real threat to birds of prey, it was warned today as maps highlighted more than 100 incidents across England and Wales in five years.
The death of any of 76 threatened species of birds of prey has a direct impact on human lives precisely for these reasons.