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Synonyms for bird of paradise

a tropical flowering shrub having bright orange or red flowers

ornamental plant of tropical South Africa and South America having stalks of orange and purplish-blue flowers resembling a bird

any of numerous brilliantly colored plumed birds of the New Guinea area

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Although you do not need to do much except add water in order to see birds of paradise take over a garden bed, you will need to fertilize and compost on a regular basis to maximize flower production.
Plant the low-growing bloomers such as purple Limonium perezii and pink Bergenia crassifolia, both of which are flowering now, under standard birds of paradise for effective color contrast in your garden.
If you have birds of paradise that do not bloom much, even though they look healthy enough, the problem is probably excessive watering during the summer.
There are huge birds of paradise plants and a mature koa tree - a Hawaii native that produces wood highly prized by craftsmen.
It's configured in a U-shape around a quiet courtyard that includes a small cooling-off pool and a six-person spa, plus roses, birds of paradise, vines climbing the garden walls and a towering pepper tree.
Growing to a height of 3 to 6 feet, Canna Tropicana combines well with birds of paradise, ginger lilies (Hedychium species) and ornamental banana trees.
From Jim Wildman: ``Three years ago, I set out seven birds of paradise, facing north, shaded by a large olive tree.
Birds of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) are somewhat tricky to grow, especially as you move into the hotter, more western Valley communities such as Woodland Hills and West Hills.
In the Valley, ant trails on citrus trees lead to whiteflies or cottony cushion scales, ant trails on abutilon (Chinese lantern) lead to black scales; ant trails on banana trees or giant birds of paradise lead to brown scales; ant trails on Modesto ash trees terminate in colonies of wooly blue aphids.
Members of the Birds of Paradise dance troupe perform during Carnival festivities Sunday in San Francisco.
Although many have copied the concept, the original aloha shirts were based on the artistry of Myron Von Brundt, who painted vivid designs of birds of paradise, fish and outrigger canoes for textile use.
The Birds of Paradise, an 8-10-year-old girls' soccer team, won the Area 10E championship, going undefeated in four games and allowing only one goal.
The Birds of Paradise were undefeated during the year, scoring 27 goals and allowing four.
These Caesalpinias, named for the 16th-century Italian botanist Andrea Caesalpini, are commonly referred to as bird of paradise bushes or desert birds of paradise, in homage to their plumage of red stamens and their minimal water requirement.
What this ultimately means is that some birds of paradise will produce more flowers than others.