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Synonyms for birdlime

a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds

spread birdlime on branches to catch birds


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None of them shows any evidence of shot damage and it is likely that all may have been trapped alive by birdcatchers using traditional means such as birdlime, snares, and other means (Emerson 1894).
In Northern Nigeria, the soft gummy resin of the tree is popularly used as birdlime while the cold extracts, decoction and powder made from the roots and bark of the plant are used in traditional medicine for treating several diseases including insomnia, psychosis, depression (Audu, 1989) and also useful as an analgesic.
A second hunting method Rihani uses is scattering branches covered with birdlime in various parts of the forest.
Ancient herbalists found medicinal uses for both berries and leaves, and holly bark was once in demand for the production of birdlime.
314-15, on birdlime, limed soul, and echoes of Psalm 51:7 and Isaiah