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a shelter for birds

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Coble says he built his first birdhouse in Phoenix about 35 years ago.
For materials, my second- and third-graders would use these half-pint milk cartons, newspaper, masking tape and foam board to create decorative birdhouses.
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Nike, Indy, Bones, Plague hardware, Black Magic, Dakine, Neff
HEXBUG joined the Birdhouse Midwest Summer Tour in August 2014 to give families and action sports fans a sneak peek at the new offering.
After his parents moved to the Briarwood Continuing Care Retirement Community, the father and son spent hours making about 20 birdhouses, which they sold at a church fundraiser.
We have in mind something better than Trafalgar Square or downtown Paris - a simple birdhouse that is at the same time a future tourist attraction.
The first poem Anna wrote for Birdhouse was Gran's Death in 1999, penned on the way to the funeral.
Trouble is, everyone who's got a garden seems to have a birdhouse to entice their birds into their own garden.
Inspired by 1960s Buckminster Fuller buildings, this geodesicdome birdhouse has a backdoor for cleanout.
Follow the advice of that catchy pop song of a few years ago - make a Birdhouse in your Soul, or more accurately, in this case, a Caravan of Love for the birds in your garden.
Bartholomew Voorsanger of Voorsanger Architects created a cat condo, Sandi Pei of Pei Partnership Architects created a birdhouse while William Pedersen and Trent Tesch of KPF created a dog house.
Transforming the garden birdhouse into an architectural artform, his handmade creations offer feathered friends a nesting alternative.
Also included is a section on how best to accommodate these beneficial birds--their diet includes mosquitoes, flies, and termites--in your chimney or a chimneylike birdhouse.
Projects for consideration include a birdhouse table for the patio, a free standing patio screen, lawn chair, an outdoor storage center.